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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June 1st - A taste of things to come

A lovely juicy raspberry!  I have had three already, but as I love my chickens so much I donated them to the girls, one each, they gratefully gobbled them up!  We like these in the summer with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a big pile of squirty cream.
This blackcurrant bush moved house with me about seven years ago, it crops heavily every year and the blackcurrants make delicious jam or jelly.  They are very sour until they are perfectly ripe.  I know when they are ripe because the Blackbird raids the bush so I pick 95% of them in one day and freeze them.  I have given up on strawberries for the time being as 'something' likes them more than we do and they all get eaten.  I love summer fruits.  Hooray for June and Summer sunshine.
I have been enjoying a weeks holiday, tidying the house, ironing, tidying the house and ironing!  In between I have been cooking and hooking!  I should have some crochet to show you tomorrow.  Also I am experimenting with the slow pot and I am rather excited to see the results in the morning.  I am attempting to make Yogurt in the slow pot for the first time.
Now anyone who knows me will tell you, I rarely do things by halves. We like yogurt.  We really do, but if this works, I will have made enough for the street!  It reminds me of Peanuts when 'Lucy' and Charlie Brown have a 'Lemonade Stand'.  I may be selling yogurt tomorrow, or donating it to The Salvation Army.  If it works I will tell you how it is done.  I could be having a raspberry with yogurt for breakfast in the morning!


  1. Lucy.. I think you need a dairy goat now. LOL We used to raise and milk Nubian dairy goats, I was the 4-H leader for our club and the kids showed them at the county fair. I tried making yogurt and I used it for ice cream, etc. Fun stuff.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your pictures make me feel all summery and so much healthier than Chocolate Pizza!!!!! Hope you enjoy your yougurt
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Yoghurt is Hugh Fernley-Whitingstalls pasion isn't it? Hope it works and and you find plenty uses for it!!!!

  4. Our strawberries are being picked this last week and they are yummy. You do have to net them and lay down straw, of course.
    I wonder what was happening with yours. Did you protect them like this?

    You have summer raspberries? Our summer ones in precious years didn't crop well so now we have an autumn variety which did much better in the past. Lets hope they like the new soil here.
    You will have to let us know what you do with your raspberries so I can get some recipe ideas. We just eat them with sugar and cream, or cook them. Cooked makes a lovely sauce for icecream or cheesecake!

  5. Oh, you have raspberries yet! Yummy. I do love the summer fruit, too and am so happy we have some in our little garden. Already harvesting black, white and red currents (of the reds we have an early and a late variety, how clever), and strawberries. We have them netted - because of the dogs eating the strawberries but the bushes are under the nets too, so no birds having my precious currants! Sorry. I do like to eat the black ones, when they are fully ripe, just like that or in yoghurt or white cheese, too, just like the others.


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