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Monday, 20 June 2011

Digging for Victory Update

Fathers Day Offering :)  A days Harvest and some local Beer.  I love the name of the Beer.

The Little Apple Tree Looks Promising

Potatoes are taking over!  There are Parsnips and Courgettes in there somewhere. The parsley is still going strong.

Broad Beans, I can't wait.  There are also Onions, Turnips and Beetroot in there, oh and another Courgette.

Runner Beans, Kohl Rabi and Peas.

I love raw peas in the Summer.  Not many make it to the pot.  I have to stop myself from eating them like this Mangetout.

Lettuce is interspersed among this lot, I should stop photographing it and start eating it.

Note to self:  Must try harder next year with Cougettes!

Tomatoes are coming along nicely in the Greenhouse, you can't beat a homegrown tomato.  I also love Tomato and Chilli Jam.

Some of the best things in life are happy accidents (Ask my sons!)  Isn't this self seed Poppy beautiful?  It has taken up residence with the peas and beans, it will be brilliant to attract the bees to set my runner beans.


  1. crops are looking awesome! I love peas too. My Granny used to make me whistle while picking them from her garden because if I wasn't whistling I was eating ;o)
    Love Tickety-boo

  2. How does thy garden grow.. great it looks like! So glad you had a warm and early Spring. Wish I had a garden like that!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Wow, fantastic veggies Lucy.
    A certain someone got a flea in his ear this morning......... hoed off my "I needed those for the bees to come to my beans" poppies. Hrrmph.
    Love the name of the beer.
    Carol xx

  4. Tickety-boo - Your Granny was a wise old thing that is a great idea, you made me laugh :)

    Teresa - I love your Garden too :)

    Carole - Oh dear flea in the ear! 'May all your weeds be wild flowers.' My Dad said to me today he was going to have a 'Piddle in the Hole' tonight, I said 'oh I don't blame you'...and thought he was a bit nutty but then remembered it was the name of the beer. lol

  5. Thank you Lucy for my Father's day gifts' augmented by your brothers' gift of more real ale (anyone would think that I was dipso).
    When I was at school, there was a verse about six Wocestershire villages which went thus:
    Upto Snodsbury
    Tibberon and Crowle,
    North Piddle
    South Piddle
    Piddle In The Hole.
    Sadly, Piddle In The Hole no longer exists, swallowed up by "Urban Sprawl" I suppose.
    The Piddle referred to is Piddle Brook, with it's source near Radford.
    The brewery for the ale is at Wyre Piddle.
    Cheers and much love to you both.

  6. I used to love that rhyme, I thought it was very naughty! :)

  7. I really do want to be a pixie at the bottom of your garden x

  8. I anxiously await the day I can have my own garden! I can only hope it is as prosperous as this one! That poppy is brilliant by the way :) Adds a bit of "pop" to all of the lush green!


  9. I love seeing all this stuff growing in your garden. It's also interesting to see how your stuff is growing compared to ours. eg our first row of peas is all done and our second one won't have a lot left. (I like them raw rather then cooked!)
    Our strawberries are all gone and cut back, but our raspberries are autumn ones so we still have those to come.

  10. aaaahhhhh, Lucy! What a beautiful garden...
    Happy Harvesting.:)

  11. What a lovely garden! I look forward to seeing its progress.

  12. Lucy, these pictures promise a great harvest this summer. I love mangetouts but we never bought them because they are so expensive. Now we grow them :-) Yesterday I had the first cucumber from our garden, so yummy and not watery as the bought ones.


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