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Thursday, 16 June 2011


Blackcurrant 'No Bits' Jam

I have been busy working my way through my list of recipes to make with Fresh Blackcurrants.

Five-recipes-to-make-with-fresh Blackcurrants

I made the Cheesecake.


Now I have made the 'No Bits Jam'.  Again I adapted the recipe.  I only used two ingredients.

Fresh Blackcurrants

I used the same amount of sugar to Blackcurrants.  I didn't add any water.  I simmered the blackcurrants and pressed them through a sieve.  Then I added the sugar and boiled until the jam reached the setting point.  This has made a firm set Jam.  It is important to my youngest son that his jam has 'no bits'!

Today I picked fruit in the garden again.  The sun was shining and almost ripening them faster than I could pick them!  This year there seems to be a bumper harvest.

and ................

I have already turned the Raspberries into five jars of Raspberry 'No Bits' Jam.  The Raspberries are ripening and want picking everyday.  I have a 'Creative Spinning Workshop' to go to tomorrow evening and again on Saturday, I am going to bake 'Raspberry Buns' and 'Blackcurrant Muffins' to help me keep my strength up!

My son had an English Literature Exam yesterday he had to write an Essay on 'Of Mice and Men'.  I had to do that when I was at school!   I can remember one quote from the whole book!  The character Lenny used to repeat to himself;
'Live of the fat of the land'.  It gave him hope and comfort to dream of a day when he could own his own land and become self sufficient!  I wonder if he liked jam and turnips?


  1. I love blackcurrants!! Haven't had them in years. Not many people grow them here, but I ate them from the bushes growing up. They make juice so good...

  2. Please can I come and live with you =------- You seem to have all my very favourite berries just waiting to be tasted. I can provide excellent references if needed!
    Love Linda

  3. I am so jealous. We are seasonally so behind you -our currants are green and the raspberries are just flower blossoms. Your blog shows the promise of what's coming for us. I bet the black currant jam is scrumptious.

  4. Lots of NW USA readers you have! :-)

    Love the berry jam.. mm.. we have no berries ripe here in Oregon yet. Wah.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Mmm wonderful. I've been meaning to plant rasps for ages.

  6. What a great crop of fruit, jam looks wonderful.
    Carol xx

  7. I do read all of your comments, I love them, I have not been very good a replying. You are all so lovely you can come round for a Jam Butty anytime :)


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