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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Making Homemade Raspberry Liqueurs

It is so lovely this year to have some help harvesting the Raspberries, although my helpers are not trained yet to pop the berries in the basket!

I only have a few Blackcurrants left hanging on the bush.  The Blackcurrant glut is officially over for another year.  However the raspberries are still coming thick and fast.
They are growing all the way up one side of the garden with the solitary Blackcurrant in there somewhere.  I have made jam, eaten a lot and given some raspberries away but they still keep on growing.  The chickens love them and get so excited with gratitude when I throw them a handful.  Today I had another load so I decided to put them to good use I have made Raspberry Vodka and Raspberry Gin.  I am sure in the winter I will sip away and look forward to another Summers abundant harvest.
I used 1 litre of spirit to 350g of Fruit and 350g of sugar.  I squished the raspberries into the bottles (obviously sampling a good few for quality control) added the sugar and then the spirit.  Now all they need is the occasional shake and a good few months patience.  Like so many things they improve with age.  They will actually keep for years, but not in this house.  I have used a brown bottle and a green bottle, if the glass bottles were clear I would need to wrap them in brown paper.  I will be sure to share a tipple with you when they are ready.  I am really looking forward to judging which one will be the best, Gin, Vodka, Vodka, Gin?  To be honest they tasted pretty good already!  If you don't grow raspberries these recipes may be worth tracking down a 'Pick Your Own' farm' on a Sunny Day.  If you would like my helpers to help with your harvest I will gladly hire them out!
I have just noticed a post over at 'Sheep Spinach and Strawberries' where 'Strawberry - Mojito' has been made in the 'Shepherdess Kitchen' It looks delicious.  Between us we will have you using up your Summer Fruit and getting rather Squiffy!  I believe in the medicinal qualities of such concoctions. 


  1. Those raspberries look scrumptious! Hope you're enjoying your bountiful harvest :) You must let us know how your homemade drinks turn out. I'm thinking I'm going to have to check out the strawberry concoction you suggested as well!


  2. I made some splendid blackberry liqueur last summer, it makes a fab 'blackberry' kir. I'm making raspbery liqueur tomorrow. Judith PS love your blog, just found today!

  3. Lacey, The gin tasted delicious yesterday, so if it improves with age I will be in luck. :)

    Judith, I have popped over to your blog the homemade cheese looks brilliant. I will have a go. I had to rush out for another two litres of Gin today, the sun is out and the raspberries just keep on coming! I was thinking of trying Blackberry Brandy later in the year. I also love Sloe Gin but never get around to making it. Gordon's sell a scrumptious one.

  4. Hi Lucy, that sounds/looks absolutely del'hic'ious.
    Carol xx

  5. Just found your blog, from your comment on a trifle rushed. You're so lucky with the raspberry glut - I LOVE them! Great idea to make raspberry vodka and raspberry gin. I'm thinking about trying sloe gin this year, though got a little while to wait before any harvesting can be done! Great blog!

  6. I wish you were my neighbor so I could help you test those berry liqueurs when they're ready! I used to make homemade Kahlua with real vanilla beans and coffee. We're busy preparing for a BBQ on the deck today. I actually organized it for my son as he had to leave for a medical procedure in CA, but he had to leave early so now it will be a smaller group. OH well.
    ((hugs)), Teresa


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