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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Five Recipes To Make With Fresh Blackcurrants

Today I picked this lovely lot of Blackcurrants, bursting with Summery, juicy goodness.  I love this time of year when the garden is beginning to bulge with healthy fruit and vegetables.  I like it even more when I can pick that healthy goodness and turn it into something sweet, sticky and naughtily delicious!  I have selected five recipes and aim to try and work through them this year, the Blackcurrant Curd looks delicious, but you need 10 eggs!  I am a bit stuck for eggs right now, I may freeze some blackcurrants and wait for the Hens to do their thing!  The other recipes I can see no reason why I can't get busy on them asap.  

Blackcurrant Curd  

Blackcurrant Fool

I will of course let you know how I get on.


  1. Oh! I wish I was your neighbour. We love chookies so we could swap eggs for blackcurrants in fact just about everything! Actually I would just like to be your neighbour x Thanks for lovely comments about my bibs x

  2. Linda, I love bartering with the neighbours, we swap Rhubarb, apples, apple butter, lettuce and tomato plants and even the odd turnip! If we were neighbours I am sure we would drink plenty of tea and swap recipes and craft ideas. I could pop round for sewing lessons :)

  3. I've never had fresh currents!

  4. Wonderful list post. I've never had a Blackcurrant, but they look tasty. As do all the recipes.

    Visiting from the 31 DBBB Craft Group

  5. We grow red instead of black currants. They are incredibly delicate with a totally unique flavor I just love. I've made home made wine with them (simply gorgeous) and the most amazing crisps but they are still green on the vine right now. Here in the Pacific Northwest our gardening season is just getting started. Our hens on the other hand are in full production mode! Thanks for the recipes!

  6. Beautiful berries.. bet they'd make gorgeous jelly!
    Have you ever heard of "freezer jam"? We make raspberry freezer jam and it's the best thing ever - the berries taste so fresh done up that way.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. ooooooh you have my/same basket! lol
    What a wonderful crop of blackcurrants.
    I could join in the swap - gooseberries.
    Carol xx

  8. Snowhomish - I hadn't thought of wine, I had thought of trying something boozy though but I didn't know what?

    Teresa - I would love to know how you make Freezer Jam.

    Carol - I like our basket, thanks for sharing it. Next time I borrow it I would like it full of Gooseberries. I would like a Gooseberry bush, I love Gooseberry Fool and Gooseberry Jam. I had a bush once but it got so infested with Caterpillars each year if you stood quietly you could hear them all Munching, there were no leaves left!

  9. I've never had a blackcurrant, but the recipes sound amazing! Visiting from Better Blog :)

  10. What a beautiful bunch of berries. You are going to have so much fun trying out your recipes. I can't wait to read more about those.

    Stopping by from SITS, 31dbbb.

  11. Me - you really should try a blackcurrant they are power packs of flavour. Thanks for stopping by :)

    Kitchenandkids - I have had fun today, both cooking and eating I will post tomorrow regarding my Blackcurrant adventures.

    Thank you for your comments :)

  12. Never had a black or red currant. Is this something that you grow in your garden or are they wild in the woods? Will be looking forward to pictures of your recipes, all done up and ready to eat. yum.


  13. Julie we grow them in the garden they have been cultivated in the UK for centuries.

  14. I think I might try some of your recipes. Did a jam yet from 500 grams or our black currents, so yummy! I love anything made from black currents and even love to eat them fresh from the bush. Glad we have a garden now and the black currents grow well and have lots of fruit this year. My Sweetheart even wants another one in the front yard. And we have red and white currents, too, so yummy!
    Your cheesecake looks great.
    Not sure if the vitamin c with all its benefits stays intact during heating though… But with all the fruit we still eat fresh, that's ok, I think!


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