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Friday, 31 August 2012

Where has August Gone?

I can not believe it is the last day of August.  I hope we all have a fantastic September. . .
August 2012 Photo Collage

"Equal dark, equal light
Flow in Circle, deep insight
Blessed Be, Blessed Be
The transformation of energy!
So it flows, out it goes
Three-fold back it shall be
Blessed Be, Blessed Be
The transformation of energy!"
-   Night An'Fey, Transformation of Energy

"the air is different today
the wind sings with a new tone
sighing of changes
the harvest gathered
a flower, a nut
some mead, and bread
a candle and a prayer
returning the fruits
in thanksgiving
to the grove
and receiving
it's blessing
-   Rhawk, Alban Elfed

"September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange-flowers, swallows, and regret."-   Alexander Theroux, 1981


  1. I always love your month in picture summaries!
    Yes, where has this month gone? Weird weather with hot days, warm nights, thunderstorms, lack of sleep... Hope to see the Blue Moon tonight, last night no chance. It has cooled down and does feel like fall now, though there will be some warn late-summery days ahead.

  2. September is my favorite month. This summer has been so insane, I am really glad the fall is almost here. How are the girls?

  3. hi yes where has August gone (too quick) great photos, love the crocheted bike seat cover, is it comfy ?
    beautifull flowers also

  4. August was sooooo busy for us! Camping and the prep to go and recuperation from going.. lol.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Can't believe it is the first day of Autumn tomorrow, although the temperature this morning was only 9C. Hope we get an Indian Summer.
    Beautiful photos and words.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  6. I love this time of year! Beautiful poetry and quotes and a beautiful photo :)

  7. Great post. There is always something quite exciting when the seasons begin to change :)

  8. Forget 'where did August go', where did the last 8 months go!! I'm having a strange year - mainly that it's just flown by in a second, much faster than I can ever remember. ScArY!!

    Lovely yellow flowers :)


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