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Monday, 20 August 2012

Trials and tribulations of life and 'Crochet' at last. . .

Do you remember the Crochet Hexagons I showed way back in April?  No you probably don't!  The post is Here.
I started off with a strange floppy hexagon, that you could fold like this:
or like this:
Claire  guessed I am trying to make a Jacketty sort of something. . .
It has been quite slow going but I don't tend to crochet so much in the Summer.  I have just kept going round and round...working two hexagons at the same time.  I can actually see the end in sight now. . .
I am not really following a 'Pattern', which is pretty typical of me and usually where I go wrong!  I also did not think to carefully about my colours.  I just got carried away going around and around working with my favourite colours!  I had in my opinion gone past the point of no return.  I hate to 'frog' anything.  I am not sure I will be wearing this with pride (well not outdoors anyway . . . but who knows with me anything is possible).  It will get worn in the house in the winter though.  Maybe just not Winter 2012!
              I have a fortnight left of my 'holiday' before I go back to work.  I have been busy doing this and that!
The chickens helped with digging in the garden and all four of us were delighted to find. . .
Potatoes!  Poppy, Daisy and Rose are digging everyday now and keep finding more.
                 My parents came for lunch last week to help with the 'Courgette Glut':
This was stuffed with Turkey and Spicy Tomato Cous Cous.  We also had jacket potatoes:
and homegrown Runner Beans:

Over the weekend our town had a three day 'Festival' it was a Community event with two stages for music.  There were also fair rides, stalls and shows.  The weather was perfect for this type of event and there was a large turn out.  Unfortunately on the Friday night No.1 Son ran into some trouble with a group that he did not know and he got hurt and pretty shook up.  On Saturday I took Euan and we spent 10 hours there.  We had fun and for the large majority of the time I had No.1 Son in sight.  He was having a great time and so was everyone else it was a great day, chilling in the sunshine listening to music.  When I first started my blog I wrote about the 'travellers' that stay every year just around the corner from my house.  Check out the post here to see photographs of their vans.  They have a band called 'The Hedgerow Crawlers':

  Euan and I thought they were fantastic.

We stayed until the end of the day and it was dark.  I called Henry on his phone to tell him to hurry up and meet me at the car.  It is a fine line between keeping them safe and ruining their street cred!  So he left his friends to hurry and meet me.  He was about three minutes behind me walking up a pitch black path with lots of other people walking back too.  He ran into the same ****** group and they hurt him again!  I could not believe it when he turned up at the car!  He just wanted to get home asap as he was cut and bruised.  He was checked over at A&E yesterday. . . we had a 3hour wait.  It made him (and me) feel better to get the all clear.  I have thought about not sharing this on my blog. . . but it is 'life' and motherhood.  I will not say too much more about it!
             I read an old Italian Proverb yesterday:

"Small children bring headaches, older children bring heartache".

Why do they have to grow up?  If I thought it was hard work when they were babies. . . it is nothing compared to now they are older.   Obviously I am anxious about him going out and about now but I also don't want him to feel afraid.  It is definitely too hot here today for me to have wrapped him in cotton wool and it would take a lot of cotton wool!  He has gone 'out and about'.   I think we are just going to put it down to 'an experience'.  I hope we learn what we need to from it!  It is just a shame and a reality that life is not always a 'bed of roses'.  I do literally view the world through my pair of 'rose tinted' spectacles and sometimes I need a reality check!


  1. hello Lucy
    Personally I think its harder work when they are grown up ....they make bigger daughter is 39...well won't go in to that not for airing publicly....just having a grouse 'cos I am so maxi disillusioned.
    Better thoughts thanks to crochet.....I like the combination of colours on this jacket looks like a jacket to me......its turning out alright
    isn't it? I can't see the back but it looks good ....what' wrong with it???

    chin up Lucy...try not to worry too much.

    Amanda :-)

  2. You are wonderful, so sorry you and your son had to go through that. Same thing happened to my nephew a year ago.. he was 20. We still think of them as babies though. Good luck. I like the jacket too.

  3. Oh Lucy. I love to see that you have posted and immediately click on it to read but I was so sad when I read this post. We have 3 "children" 1 is 32,1 is 31 and 1 is 25! Someone once said to me -- As a mother you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. I kinda think it is right. I am so sorry your son had to put up with being abused. I just deleted that word and tried to think of a different one but that is because,at times I wear the same tinted glasses as you. I think,of course all this helps them cope with the world make judgements about people but actually I just wish they didn't have too. You poor thing trying to keep a perspective on all this when all you want to do is turn back time and have them safe in the pushchair!
    Take care Lucy and try not to have too many middle of the night chats with yourself. Your family sound full of love and honesty and that will win through.Love Linda

  4. Sorry to hear about your son. I also think being a mother gets harder as they grow older. My wise mother in law always used to say, small children ... small problems, big children ... big problems. xx

  5. I think that's right, once a mother, always a mother! My mother still worries about us each and every single day and we are 49, 45 and 43!! Sorry to hear about your boy's bad experiences, you're probably more traumatized than he is though! Glad you had a good weekend otherwise though! Yvonne xx

  6. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about your boy :( It's always so awful when the "it'll never happen to us" mentality is shaken. I hope he recovers both physically and emotionally soon. Mothers aren't good mothers unless they show that love and concern for their children, regardless of age. May your week be a happy one with garden and crochet goodness!

  7. I don't know how to start :( Sorry to hear about your son's experiences. You are right it does get harder as they get older, you have less influence so all you can do is hope that the love you gave them when they were younger (and still carry on doing despite their protests) will carry them through! Glad you still managed to enjoy the weekend.

  8. Oh gosh, Lucy.. so sorry to hear of your son's bad experience.. and to have it happen twice is even a bigger concern - he's going to need to turn and run when he sees them! Good to see your girls are helping you harvest your garden. I need to get a shot of our girls now that they are bigger. Our DIL cared for them while we were at camp. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Oh Lucy, so sorry to hear about Henry's trouble. I hope he is not too shaken up, and that he never runs into them again.

    Must have been at the music stage at the same time as you, we caught the tail end of the hedgerow crawlers, but had gone specifically to see the taiko drummers.

    Can't believe where the holidays have gone. Thoughts re turning back to school runs, and I hate it!!

  10. Oh blimey, you have all been through the mill a bit :( I hope Henry is recovering well? I am a great believer in Karma and one day the people that attacked him will get theirs...however, I am glad that you had a good time at the fair and your food all looks yummy :)

  11. I was so sorry to read about what has happened to Henry. We wish we could indeed wrap the ones we love in cotton wool but sadly it isn't possible. sometimes the big bad world creeps in and give us a great big tap on the shoulder. However, don't let these toerags knock your rose-tinted spectacles off for good, there are many more "good" than "bad" out there.
    Carol xx

  12. So sorry to hear of Henry's bad encounters. While my sons did not have that happen to them, they made bad choices from time to time, that were challenging for us to face. My oldest son will be 43 this year, and my youngest son 37, but I still want to shield them from harm...I am ever like the mother hen who covers her chicks with feathery winged hugs :)
    It is good of your girls to help you out in the garden. Your crops and cooking look yummy!
    Hope you are able to puzzle out your pretty crochet project!
    Gracie x

  13. Oh Lucy I know how you feel, having four grown upish children the worries don't go away they just change! All we can do is be there to help them when things go awry. Not easy though is it!

  14. Wonderful post! Food, Music, Chickens, crafty goodness - it has it all!


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