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Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Limpics Closing Ceremony

There is 20 Minutes to go and it is all over.  What a blast!  I don't really know what to make of it all.  It has been an exciting few weeks.  Euan is now practicing his sprinting and wants to be the next Usain Bolt, he does the pose and everything and keeps zipping everywhere breaking into a sprint!
             I know we have done ourselves proud.  I do wonder if our economy will begin to get back to 'normal' now it is all over.  The Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony were brilliantly British.  It makes me very proud to be absolutely bonkers and now I really have a greater insight into why!  We do have a whacky sense of humour here in the UK and lots to celebrate about our culture and history.  Our musical heritage has to be the best in my opinion.  This is one of my favourite songs that was featured in the Closing Ceremony.
I hope you all enjoyed the Olympics and are proud of your countries achievements.  xxx 


  1. I loved it. I was even extremely excited to watch the Spice Girls. I loved how the quirky Britishness was so evident. I thought the whole thing was wonderful, from the opening ceremony to the end. The British athletes were amazing. Good show!

  2. I managed to miss the closing ceremony! Went to bed 11pm Cyprus time, all excited to be seeing the ceremony, last thing I remember is the Kate Bush song so I managed to miss almost all of it - sound asleep and couldn't believe it when I woke up and it was all over - aargh! Hope you have a good week Lucy - Yvonne xx

  3. Yes, Lucy, the British can say, "Well done!" to hosting the Olympics! Even though I did not get to watch much of it, I appreciated getting to watch what I did.
    Gracie xxx

  4. I was a sceptic, then the Games started, loved it!
    Didn't GB do well? And God's count(r)y, Yorkshire - well we came 11th!
    Carol xx


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