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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Best Of British 'London' Blog Challenge

The Face of New World Appliances have been organising the 'Best of British Blog Challenge'.  This is a cookery 'Blog Challenge' celebrating the best of Regional Dishes around Britain.  There is rather a good prize for the 'ultimate' winner, £300 worth of Amazon vouchers.  I am always up for a bit of challenge especially where 'cookery' is involved.
           This months challenge is being hosted by Fiona from 'London Unattached', the region being celebrated is 'London'.  After all the Jubilee and 'Limpics' it seems like a good time to celebrate 'London' with food.   I must admit I needed to do a quick bit of research as the only regional 'London' dishes that sprang to mind were 'Jellied Eels' and 'Pie and Mash'.  I googled and found London Travel with a link to 'London Recipes'.  I really like the sound of 'Blackberry Bread and Butter Pudding'.  It brings out the forager in me!  Bread and Butter Pudding is a very traditional dessert and of course it is crying out for blackberries.  I can imagine this being made for 'Tea' after a day blackberrying, by many many families over the decades and beyond.
Blackberries are an abundant and free source of nutrition widely available across the UK at this time of year.  They are very rich in Vitamin C and are used as a key ingredient in traditional 'Cough and Cold Remedies'.  The seeds are a good source of Vitamin E.  The berries are simply there for the picking for anyone brave enough to deal with the brambles.  Euan and I are brave!  We had a lovely Sunday afternoon walk gathering fruit, we even found some Hazel nuts as a bonus too.
             Euan is very enthusiastic about the 'competition' and would like half of any winnings as pay for his blackberry picking efforts.  He came home and 'googled' "Posh Puddings for the Queen London Blackberries".  I used the recipe from 'London Travel' for inspiration but tweaked it considerably, thus making it 'Posher' and fit for a queen, I think you will agree?
2 Crusty White Rolls Sliced and Buttered
150g of Fresh Blackberries
50g of Brown Sugar
2 eggs
100ml of thick cream
Freshly Grated Nutmeg
2 Tablespoons of Brandy


Line a Pie dish with 75g of Blackberries and sprinkle them with half of the sugar.
Beat the eggs with the cream.
Arrange the bread and remaining blackberries into the pie dish and sprinkle with the remaining sugar.
Pour over the egg and cream.
Grate Nutmeg liberally over the top of the pudding.
Sprinkle the Brandy evenly over the top of the pudding.
Place in a medium/hot oven for 30 minutes until the 'custard' has set.
Serve with a good dollop of Cream, Custard or Creme Fraiche.
I used Creme Fraiche, honest Gov!  What a fruitful days foraging.  From the bush to the pud in a matter of hours.  Very thrifty and hearty grub.   After my Pud, I would say we are already 'winners'.  :) xxx


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  2. So glad to have got email xxx That pud looks delish xxx

  3. You win in my opinion! That looks fantastic. I want to come over for taste testing. XOXO

  4. wow!! looks very tempting. Is there any left?

  5. Lucy.. again, we are doing similar things from across the world.. my grandson's have been out picking blackberries on the canes that we have managed not to kill. :-) He brings in a bowl of them and we all 4 scarf them down, then he heads back out into the farmyard. What an industrious boy he is!! But I'm not as good as you.. we're eating ours like heathens.. right off the bush. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. My family has been out foraging blackberries, too, Lucy! My oldest daughter has made a few crisps. Unfortunately 4 members of the family have been stung by yellow jackets and even though my SIL has been bravely combating them, the kids are leery of picking more berries.
    Your pudding looks like a winner to me, so tell Evan I am cheering from across the pond for you two to get the prize :)
    Gracie xxx

  7. COR.....that pud looks lovely! I always wonder how else I can use blackberries (I like foraging too), and will definitely have to give this a go. Surely, you must win with a recipe like that?!

  8. Oh boy that looks delicious, definitely a winning pud! I love blackberries but round here they're not quite ready yet, we wait ready to pounce!

  9. Hi Lucy this looks delicious! I haven't found any ripe blackberries yet!
    BTW I'm getting a lot of spam from what I think is your email address - has your account been hacked??

    1. Gill, my apologies! I am mortified. This has been happening for about a week. I pay an arm and a leg for internet security and still have 400+ days of cover left. I had only just ran a scan before finding this comment. I have had my e-mail account for over ten years without any problems and now this! Gah. I have changed all the security details on my account today too. If this happens again please let me know and I will close down the account and start again. It is annoying, worrying and embarrassing. I can only apologise and let you know I am trying to resolve it! You won't be the only person! It has happened I think three times now to everyone in my 'address book'...I bet I aint arf popular! There are some clever rascals out some ways I take my hat off to them for their technological skills...they are far more advanced than my own! If I had a brain I could be dangerous. xxx

  10. What great twist on a classic dish and can I just say I'm completely in love with your blog, just peeked at the crochet and it's just phenomenal:-)

  11. Lucy, congratulation, you are this month's winner!


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