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Monday, 13 August 2012

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

What a lovely version of this song.

I am letting the weeks run away with me.  Today my oldest son, Henry, did his first days work.  It is casual work, but it is a taster.  He was Gardening at a large store for the whole day.  It was hard work, lots of weeding and carrying.  He is very tired and I think the true value of a pound maybe finally sinking in.  He will go again tomorrow courtesy of 'Mom's Taxi'.  He complained that he got his brand new 'work' gloves filthy.
                I met my friend this morning to walk our dogs.  Our dogs have never met before and are both a bit iffy about other dogs.  Our previous dogs were the best of buddies...well my sausage dog, Josh, liked her spaniel, Blue, much more than she liked was a highlight for Josh to see his friend Blue.
Josh and Blue are no longer with us but they were very loved and I know Josh gets talked about in this house all the time.  We have lots of funny happy memories of him.  He really was my soul mate.
           We enjoyed our walk over the meadows this morning.  The dogs met, they had one noisy spat, then they proceeded to ignore each other for the rest of the walk.  I think that is some kind of result.  Not quite the best of friends though.
            I have got the 'Rainbow Theme' for today's post because do you remember An Idea Is Born?  I have been meaning to update.  I have not forgotten or shelved the idea.  I fully intend to make crochet/knitted hats and maybe cardigans for premature babies.  I asked for ideas for what to call this project and 'Rainbows' was suggested by my Blog Buddy Claire. I am aiming to donate a bundle to the hospital where Euan was born next year, near to his birthday, July 10th.   Some of you have already kindly pledged and blogged about your makes too.

Lacey over at 'Mina and Me' has been busy making tiny pink hats.

Teresa has also been busy and has pledged to make five hats for her local hospital.

Between us we should be keeping these teenie preemies warm in crochet and knitted lovliness.  If I have forgotten anyone please let me know because I will set up a 'Rainbows' page to keep track of our work in progress.  If you make anything please share and I will include it, with links,  in the 'Monthly' update post and on the 'Rainbows' page.
                I would like to have one post a month to update this project and it will be as close to the 10th of the month as I can manage.  My own progress has been rather slow...I have 'made' but frogged two more hats.  One step forward two steps back.  I am still searching for good, workable patterns.  All suggestions gratefully received.  I hope to have more to share with you next month.


  1. count me in Lucy, I will make a few hats when I get a moment and send them to you. Is there a time limit?

    1. Ahhh thanks that will be lovely. I am realistic with time limits I am aiming for July 2013! xxx

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  3. I am investigating two patterns, Lucy, and will share them if I think they are worthy :) Rainbows is a promising name!
    Gracie xxx

  4. I'm glad you finally have a name for your project :) With a full year to work on these tiny projects that donation has potential to be enormous! My little collection is including pink, blue, and white caps so far. The pattern I found that I like is on Ravelry: Teresa's 10 Minute Crochet Preemie Hat. Granted they take me a bit more than 10 minutes, and I've also crocheted a few different variations, but it is a wonderful little pattern!

    1. Lacey thanks very much for the pattern idea, I am going to try it tomorrow! It looks like a great little pattern. I would like to try a few different pattern though and I fancy knitting a couple too. :) xxx

  5. What a lovely idea, I'm sure you'll make lots of lovely little hats when you find a good pattern :-)

    Poor Henry, hope he's coping with work, it can be a big shock to have to earn money and how hard it is to do, lol!

    LOri xxx

    1. Poor Henry...he is very weary! lol Bless him. He is literally worn out and achy. xxx

  6. Please count me in -- I would love to make some little itty bitty things for Rainbows. Could you email me your address please.
    Kindest Regards Linda

    1. Thanks Linda you are great, I have e-mailed you :) x

  7. This is one of my favorite songs. Thank you for posting this beautiful video to go with it. I had never seen it before.

    So sorry that Josh is no longer with you. Sounds like he and Blue had some great times together. Hopefully, your new doggy will ultimately become best buds with your friend's dog as well.

    Love the idea of your Rainbow project. What a sweet idea!

    Also read your Olympics post below and wanted to let you know I was sad to see them end as well. Normally, the winter Olympics are my fave, but I really got into the summer sports this year. One of my friends said it is almost like Christmas is over the way you feel after all the excitement is done. I have to agree with her. It is rather deflating to see such an exciting time come and go so swiftly. You should be proud of your country! I kept watching the ceremonies and snid bits on the news about the UK's history and was mad with a desire to hop on a plane and tour your beautiful land. I fear it will be years and years before I can afford such a luxury, but my dream would be to spend a good two or three weeks exploring London and many of the beautiful shires where so many renowned authors found their inspiration. In addition to your awesome musical legacy, I greatly admire all the wonderful writers of the past - Austen, Potter, Dahl, and so many more! Each had their own flavor for seeing the humor in life. And if I ever got to see my dream come true to visit your side of "the pond," I would love to meet up with my blogging buddies, too! But, there is my dream all bared in an enormously long comment... haha. Hope I didn't bore you.

    Have a lovely day! It was great catching up with you, my friend! :-)


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