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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Basketry from 'Wild Wood'

Do you remember I told you I was going to a 'Baskets From Nature's Colourful Materials' workshop, demonstrated by Pat Atkins,  on Friday night.  I went to The Stratford Upon Avon Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers with my Blog Buddy Claire from 'Simply . . . Life' and my Mom.  I am so pleased with how this basket turned out.  The even weave and the even shape.
This is all made with natural materials collected from the hedgerows.
The colours of the different wood, shows through in the even weave.
Ok, ok I am telling you an untruth. . . . my brother bought me this basket about ten years ago, from a group of Travellers.  The wood was still green when he gave it to me and it has lasted over the years and I love it.  I thought I would pop along to guild and within minutes be churning out a basket just like this.  Ahem well the reality was somewhat different to that!  This basketry malarkey aint easy.  It felt like a physical workout to me and let me tell you there was much huffing and puffing from my direction.
I managed to achieve this:
You can call it a basket of sorts, which I am relieved about, because for the first hour I thought I was going to make a large woven platter.
The bases were actually made for us, it was down to us to spoil  make the rest of it.
           First we selected and inserted the 'uprights'.  Much much easier said than done.  This was where the huffing and puffing came in!
Then you needed to weave and twist strips/twigs around the uprights and hug and squeeze your 'basket' in to shape.  More huffing and puffing.
My spatial awareness isn't great and I nearly poked three separate peoples eye out, I nearly poked my own eye out twice and my Mom was very patient with me as I had to keep saying 'oops sorry' as my uprights jabbed her in her arm, back and head numerous times as I tried to get my 'basket' to behave itself.  I admit I prodded her a few times with my uprights on purpose, purely for my own amusement!  I may have been motivated by jealousy as Mom's basket was turning out much better than mine!
I was very disappointed with my photographs they have mostly turned out blurred.  This is Claire's basket.  She seemed to work quickly and quietly without causing too much trouble.
Claire used Willow from her Mom's garden, it looked very pretty.
Collectively the group had some very pleasing results to which my camera/photography skills did not do justice.  I do have ambitions to give this craft another go as I love the rustic looking results.  Collecting the materials was fun too.
               Today is Mother's Day here in the UK.  I appear to have two willing servants for the day.  I have just had a bath run for me.  Then we will have Sunday Lunch.  I am hoping to visit my Mom and take her some small gifts as a gesture to make up for all the trouble I cause her and get her in to during the rest of the year.  We are like Laurel and Hardy:
'Well There Is Another Fine Mess You Have Got Me Into'


  1. I love the baskets. Looks like lots of fun. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Happy mothers day! I really giggled when I saw the second set of photos (sorry!). But they all turned out great in the end and the colours in yours are lovely.

  3. This post made me laugh so hard! I think your basket is lovely and unique! Great job! Have a lovely Mother's day!!!♥

  4. I watched a lobsterpot being made last summer at the Newlyn Fish Festival (it was being filmed for Coast at the time). It is a similar process and the man made it look so easy - still he had been doing it for 50 years or so.

  5. Lucy, you're such a character! I was over here reading along and laughing and hubby goes.. what are you reading? Lucy in the Sky! I wouldn't tell him what was so funny so now he's reading your blog on his laptop. So, now you know what a challenge it is to make a basket! It's a lot easier if you use prepared materials, for sure. I'm going to take the next basket class which we'll be using pine needles!! I'm glad you're going to try it again. You are so lucky to have a blog buddy and a mom to do things with! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I laughed out loud when I saw your basket! I must admit I was very impressed with the first photos and was near to signing up for a workshop myself until I looked at yours! Lol again! Thank you for giving me a giggle and I agree with Teresa you are very lucky to have a mum to do things like this with! My mum and I used to have a great giggle, now though it's me and my daughter(s)!

  7. I love the colours in yours, might have to ask where the bushes are for that lovely orange you had. Do you think Euan would pick some up for me :D

    Did you pick up the leaflet about how to do the base? I forgot, but hoping someone has one I can copy.

  8. Lol, you are cheeky (and funny)! What are you going to do with your basket? Don't forget it is the beginning of the nesting season.
    Hope you had lovely day.
    Carol xx

  9. You really had me going there for a minute! I was about to be seriously impressed until I saw your actual basket. I have to say though, the colors in yours are much prettier! How did you get all of those different colors?! Very pretty. Basket weaving looks very challenging!I'm glad you haven't been discouraged and will be giving it another go someday. Someday you will make a basket as lovely as that first picture :)

  10. Well done on giving it a bash :-) The results are interesting......I would be bog useless at it so I can't criticise!

    Lori xxx

  11. Great basket, I must admit I did let out a wow at the first photo!!!! Yours are charmingly rustic. Hope you had a glorious Mother's day.

  12. You are so naughty, I was all prepared to hate you for being so flipping good at EVERYTHING!!! There is seemingly nothing that you wont have a go at. I like the basket its so colourful, a one off.


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