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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blog Friends

I have said before I love my Blog Buddies.  You don't use my tea bags, you take up no room on the sofa and I am always pleased to see you and know that you have popped round.  (seriously, I just made a typo   -  pooped rather than popped, I definitely would not like it if any of you started to poop round!  Just for the record)!  I like the way with Blog Buddies 'like attracts like', we follow people who have the same interests as ourselves, or whose lives interest or inspire us.  We follow people who make us smile and laugh and offer words of support, wisdom, encouragement or timely humour.  I started to Follow Simply ...Life, a great blog written by Claire.  Claire and I have a lot in common, we are both busy Moms, we both hand spin and do strange things with raw fleece and fibre, we both crochet and knit, we both love chickens (but sadly Claire lost Betty not too long ago), we like to grow and cook our own fruit and vegetables, we bake our own bread, enjoy reading, try to simplify our lives as much as is humanly possible, we both have sons with long hair, we both enjoy being members of Weaving Spinning and Dyeing Guilds and then....get this...after following each others blogs for a few months we realised we live in the same town!  We live about a ten minute drive from each other.
          I am not sure if I would describe myself as shy or antisocial, I don't feel shy and I don't really feel antisocial (depending on the company).  I have never been one for lots of friends but the friends I have, I have been friends with for years and years and they are very dear to me.  It has been a long time since I have made a new friend.  Today I met Claire for the first time and her cute three year old daughter.  I was a bit apprehensive/anxious but I really needn't have been.  We had a nice afternoon chatting about craft, kids, gardening and stuff and I am very pleased to say my 'new' friend makes a delicious cup of tea.
           Isn't Blogland great?  I used to think Blogland was Blogland, somewhere out in cyberspace, separate from the 'real' world.  Now I realise Blogland and the 'real' world overlap.  It is very strange to meet a Blog Buddy, someone that you know quite a bit about but have only 'met' in Cyberspace.  I hope to see Claire again soon as I have not been introduced to her spinning wheel yet.  I would also like to go to her allotment , armed with welligogs, spades and a flask of hot tea!
            Maybe we should have a mass Blogland gathering sometime, anyone fancy the South of France or the Greek islands?  xxx


  1. It was a wonderful afternoon, despite me having to crawl into a cardboard box whilst having Sophie pretending to be a witch wanting to eat me up, and maintain an adult conversation at the same time!

    Great to meet you, and will definitely have to meet up again soon, preferably without a cardboard box!

    Apologies for the lack of cake, but glad the tea was ok.

  2. What a lovely post :-)
    Yes, blogland is such a lovely place, not somewhere I ever thought I would even visit 12 months ago, but a lace I am firmly ensconced, and very happy in now!!

  3. That's so special that you girls were able to connect with each other in that way! It sounds like you had a wonderful time meeting up. I'll admit I'm jealous of you people who discover blog buddies nearby in the real world. I think the closest blog buddies I have are at least 1000 miles away from where I live! And heck with it, if you're asking, I vote for the Greek Islands!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog and love the way you write - layed back but funny at the same time. I'm new to blogging, so don't really have any 'blog friends' so to speak, but I can imagine it would be very strange meeting someone who you know so much and yet so little about. Great way to meet new people though!

  5. I've done this exact same thing recently. I'd been following Katyboo1's weblog for about a year and we'd discovered that we are what we like to call 'brain twins'. The similarities between us are spooky. So we finally met up in September last year and again in January this year. She's near Leicester and I'm near Guildford so we tend to meet in London to go to the theatre, which is lovely and just so bloody sophisticated (which is hilarious if you could see us). The beauty of meeting up with someone whose blog you've been following for a while is that you already know so much about them that a lack of conversational topic is never going to happen. I highly recommend taking the plunge and meeting up - I now have an online friend who I am, frankly, closer to than my other (few) friends in real life!

  6. So true, it's great to find new friends this way. But to find one in real life too is very special! I'm a bit of a shy one, but for some reason I'm happy talking on a blog for all the world to hear. It's funny isn't it?

    S x

  7. Wow! Fancy living so close together and not realising it :) Its nice to hear that you both got on so well in 'real' life too x x x

  8. You've been very busy with your blog posts over the last few days and what a lovely, happy, smiley post this is. It is so interesting meeting new people. I can't think of a better way of spending an afternoon.

  9. What a beautiful post, and I totally agree! Bloggy friends are the best friends :)
    ps Do you mind if I snag that image and put it in my sidebar? :)

  10. how lovely to actually meet a bloggy friend!


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