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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pi Day? Pi Day? - Why didn't any one tell me?

This is Larry Shaw 'The Prince of Pi'
Here I know all about Pi Day.I did not know March the 14th was officially Pi Day.  I did not know there was a 'Prince of Pi'.  Now I have read Wikepedia a whole new world has been opened up to me.  Ha! 'A Prince of Pi', well doesn't he sound like my type of guy?  I thought he looked rather cool too, until I found out he was into numbers in a big way!  People who are into numbers scare me!  People who put numbers on their Pie scare me even more.  I prefer cream on my pie not numbers!  
Larry Shaw the founder of Pi Day looking very happy in his funky knitted hat

'Friday Pie Day' has had to be moved forward to today in honour of 'Pi Day'.  I have very nearly missed it too!  You are supposed to celebrate this official holiday with pie eating and discussing 'Pi'.  I cannot find anyone interested so I have had to tell you about it instead.  Then I have let Wikipedia do the explaining because quite frankly I never understood 'Pi' at school, I switched off altogether.  The only Pi I liked in school was in the canteen, a bit of 'Cheese and Potato Pie with Chips and Gravy' in the good old days before health fads when nobody cared if kids ate chips and gravy every day!  Happy Days.
              My Pi Day Pie is . . . . as promised. . . drum roll please. . . my first ever. . .
Blueberry Pie 'Tah da!'
 I really thought you would be hard pushed to make a tastier Pie than Cherry or Apple, but my word, Blueberry Pie, made with fresh Blueberries is the 'Mother of All Pies'.

I used shortcrust Pastry
300g of blueberries covered with water and bought to the boil.
I added 50g of sugar and a paste made with 25g of Corn flour and water.
This made a thick and quick pie filling.  I only cooked the blueberries for about three minutes.  Then you bake your Pie for as long as you can wait, or until it is golden.
Then you have to serve it with about a pint of cream!
Like this!  If you eat it in the dark on your own the calories do not count, because nobody knows you have had it!
What Larry Shaw has done for Pi and Pi Day, my lad could do for 'Squirty Cream' he had a bit of pie with his!  Larry will not mind if you celebrate Pi Day late, nor will I.  XXX  Happy Pi Day, but only just!
Go eat pie!
Pi Pie


  1. I just heard about Pi Day too! What a wonderfully kooky world we live in :) Your blueberry pie looks yummy; Evan looks more than thrilled to have some! My friend Sara Lynn has a blueberries & cream pie that has brought men to their knees. It's quite impressive! I think of her whenever I see blueberry pie. Although you yourself admitted it's not exactly a pie, I made up your Leek Quiche once again. Does that count for Pi Day?

  2. Ohhhh.. we're on a healthy eating binge and aren't eating desserts.. but oh yumm.. what I wouldn't give for a piece of your pie! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh sigh, I love pi :) Your blueberry pie looks quite delicious.

  4. Your blueberry pie looks delish!!!
    And thanks, i had never heard of pi day!!

  5. LOL! I've never heard of Pi Day, the Prince of Pi looks brilliant in his strawberry knitted hat! Your blueberry pie looks a zillion times yummier than the Pi pie, I fully agree that a pie should not have numbers on it! :-) x

  6. Mmmmm your pie looks delicious :P I have never heard about this before, but next year I have definitely marked Pi day onto my calendar....and I agree, pies with numbers on just look plain wrong x x x


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