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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Crochet Rock Chicks!

I have been crocheting more Easter Eggs to hide fill my basket.  Then imagine my surprise when I looked more closely and saw I was lucky enough to have a hatchling!
Well, well, well.  I was delighted with this surprise.  Never can have too many chicks.  A little later in the day, I looked again and imagine my astonishment. . .
Rock Chicks!  They are going to fit in just fine in this house.
This little fella is sporting a fine Mohawk;
This little fella is more of a Hippy Chick.
I am secretly hoping for more hatchlings of the cool and groovy kind.

They were great fun to make using the 'Easter Egg Pattern'.  Then before they were stuffed I attached two 6mm 'Toy' eyes.  The beak was a little bit tricky:

The Beak:
I used DK worsted weight Orange yarn and a 1.75 mm hook.
4ch, draw a loop through the second loop from the hook then the 3rd loop from the hook and the 4th loop from the hook, you should have 4 loops on the hook pull yarn through all of the loops and fasten off.  I sewed the end in and firmed up the beaky shape with the stitches.

The Wings:
Pick up 3 double crochet in the position you would like the wing to be in.  In the first DC work 1dc and 1tr, in the 2nd dc work 3 tr, in the 3rd dc work 1tr and 1dc.

The Hair:
I used a fine crochet hook to draw short strands through the head into position and fasten off with a slip stitch.  I snipped to the required length and separated the strands of yarn.
Groovy Chicks


  1. Theese are just sooo Cute! Thank you very much for sharing this pattern for them!

  2. You're just full of fun Easter/Spring bits aren't you :)

  3. How utterly fun to see that one of your Easter Eggs hatched in the basket when you weren't looking! You're such a character! Can't wait for you to see what I bought yesterday at Fabric Depot.. :-)

  4. These are so cute!! Love them. I so haven't been on time for making Easter items this year.

  5. I love them, their hairstyles are so cute!

  6. Your chicks rock! Are you going to hatch any punk chicks?

  7. These are so sweet ^_^ thank you for the comment on my Rocky valley post, I'm in Cornwall.I've just discovered your blog too and very lovely it is too ^_^
    All the best to you

  8. Love your rocking' chicks! Yes make lots, I don't think you can have to many!

  9. Ohhh, I love seeing your chicks that hatched! What fun... and thanks for sharing their pattern! <3

  10. what a surprise your eggs hatching into great rock chicks they are so cute , so good of you to share the pattern also thankyou for a great post

  11. Oh how cute they are! The brown ones below, too! Too great to put them away after Easter :-)


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