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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tea For Two - No Thank You!

Here is my own little piece of 'dottie angel' the 'master' of 'Vintage Granny Chic'.  I absolutely love this crazy little tray.  I say little but it is just big enough.
Perfect for a cupcake and a cup of tea.  I got home from work today and the Chicken Girlies were happily rampaging around the garden at will.  It would seem the 'Big Bad Man' is not so bad after all.  He must have had a change of heart!  Aaaah!  I did hear him talking to the 'Chickie Wickies' too.  I think my silent sulky protest on their behalf has paid off.  Not only have they had their 'freedom' reinstated but I also had a cupcake provided.  :)   I will forgive anybody anything for chocolate or one of these:
What a cute little Gingerbread fella!  This cupcake made me very happy.  Look at him!  The cutest little gingerbread man, sitting in cream cheese and orange frosting, on top of a carrot, ginger and orange cupcake.  Absolutely scrummy.  I had to get the tray out and my bestest favourite cup and saucer.
The cup of tea got stolen by my seven year old, I think he would make an excellent Village Vicar, show him a cup and saucer and hot tea, he is smitten!  I made myself replacement mug of tea!
I love the back of my tray so much:
 It says:
 "and they found happiness on the shelves of despair"
I can relate to Mr and Mrs Monkey!  xxx


  1. i have one too :) except mine has been claimed by my little grandson.. who insists on having everything served on his happy tray. i think Tiff is magical and i truly love blog. her book is a marvel too, 'tis my favourite book in the house.
    hooooooooo hooooooooo that is what i am hearing right now! i have an owly (a real one, not my cat owly)who has taken to hooting from my windowledge.
    talking of feathered friends. how are your girls today? have they managed to keep out of trouble?

  2. Lovely as ever Lucy -- and I would give you a LOT for that delicious cake right now! Not a strength in Spain!

  3. oops not only are there typos but i realise i am speaking gibberish. i just realised that this post was only posted today and therefore the chicken bit is bang up to date. this is what happens when one is so used to lagging behind.
    it now seems i have finally caught up :)
    anyway i am glad the BBM has seen the error of his ways. he seems quite kind really and i think tea-liking in a seven year old is a sign of great potential.

  4. sweet little tray.
    I very rarely finish a cup of tea before it goes to that eeeeewwwwwwuuuchh it's gone cold sip!

  5. I didn't know Tif made trays! Must check her blog.. she lives just 3 hours north of me. Glad the BBM softened and that make up cupcake would work for me too! Hubby made me pumpkin muffins for breakfast.. I told him they'd be improved by cream cheese frosting. :-)
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I'm so happy to hear that your girls have been freed from their confinement :) I'm sure they're enjoying themselves almost as much as you! That cupcake is darling and sounds quite yummy. Well done to the gentleman! And it sounds like Ethan is quite the little gentleman himself! I can't say I know any male other than my father who drinks hot tea. The thought of a young boy enjoying it blows my mind! I have to ask, what flavors do you and yours enjoy?

  7. I love your tray and have just decided to get myself one too :)

  8. Glad your chickies are enjoying their roamings again. I have 6 girls here and we have come to a compromise - they stay in their run in the mornings and concentrate on laying eggs, then they go free range in the afternoon and forget their egg laying obligations!


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