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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Flag Counter Reports Visitor From Out of Space!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I have a bit of a thing for my 'Flag Counter'.  It is like State of the Art stamp collecting to me.  It tracks blog visitors by Country.  It also provides you with all sorts of information about those countries (some places I have never even heard of!)  I have now had visitors from 103 countries which is just awesome.  Now for the really weird stuff, yesterday my newest visitor was from 'An Unknown Satellite Provider'.  I have taken this to mean only one thing, we are not alone!  All are welcome and appreciated in my little corner of Blogland, so if you are from extra terrestrial origin here is a special little shout out especially for ya!  
Whilst I am more than happy to have alien invasions in Blogland, I just want to make it quite clear I am not up for an alien abduction in the real world.  I can not spare the Hookie time.  Ya get me?  How I cried at ET though, back in 1982.  I just love Master Yoda too.  
If you are an intergalactic visitor to my little corner of Blogland please leave a comment, that would be soooo cool!


  1. Now I'm jealous that you had a space visitor!! LOL!! I love my flag counter too, I'm up to 103 countries. I've so enjoyed doing my blog - to touch people around the globe from the comfort of my cozy little den in Oregon is amazing to me. My friendship with you is a prime example. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I'm not an alien (I know so boring!) but I love the pic of the baby in the yoda hat, too funny.

  3. I'm not an alien, although you would think so sometimes when people first meet me! What? You knit? And you're veggie? And you walk? weird!
    Love the baby's face in the Yoda hat, not so sure of the hat lol.
    Now just don't getting abducted, I'd miss your bloggy!

  4. Oh the joys of blogworld :) The things you see and the people you meet! I hope you get to meet your satelite visitor! And the baby yoda pic is adorable^_^

  5. I COME IN PEACE! - Please read this in a wierd computerised tone.

    How lucky is Lucy? Visitor for outer space... WOW!

  6. do- do- do- do- dooooo Close Encounters stylee!
    Maybe alien abduction experiments could unlock your inner force so you could finish WIP in extra quickly and therefore actually making all the projects in your Ravelry queue!
    You hook fast young Padewan!

  7. ok now I have to look ... Lol.

    That hat is adorable, I have to have my MIL make for the boys :)

  8. this will teach me to read blogs at i really thought this was my brains way of telling me it (badly) needs sleep (now!) until i realised this post really did say what i thought it said ;o)
    thank you for your lovely words on my blog. the world is looking considerably brighter for our family today, but some of us have got into those weird sleeping patterns that can happen in times of stress. thankfully this usually rights itself after a few days.
    your posts do make me smile :)
    and if E.T was going to visit a blog i think he couldn't do better than to choose yours.

  9. p.s. i hope that was coherant.
    i really am going to sleep now and will comment on your other lovely posts tomorrow.
    i've been admiring your gorgeous poppy, will definitely have something to say about that!:)

  10. Ooh weird! As Yoda would say...'jealous now am I" :)


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