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Monday, 7 November 2011

Quick Crochet 'Remembrance Day' Poppy Brooch

I saw that The Smiling Robot had made herself a poppy for Remembrance Day.  I thought it was a lovely idea to crochet a brooch.  Off to trusty old Ravelry for a pattern and I chose this Free Pattern Here.  I altered it a little accidentally on purpose.
I sewed a safety pin to the back and Voila!  One Poppy Brooch.  I had more trouble photographing it than crocheting it.  The colour either turned out shocking cerise or this rusty red.  I chose to be kind on your eyes and select the rusty red pictures.  The poppy is actually 'Poppy' red in real life, but in Blogland it is this colour.  I love my little point and shoot camera, but I don't understand it fully, I haven't worked out how to access the menu or what all the functions are  -  you may have guessed I am not a read the manual kind of gal!

 I will be wearing my poppy with pride.


  1. I love your poppy - so much more detailed than mine and it looks great :D

  2. Good job on the poppy!! I actually have printed up a pattern for some crochet flower pins that I need to do. You are a good inspiration.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The poppy looks lovely and the pattern has worked really well!

  4. Your poppy looks amazing and it means so much to wear one this time of year...well done you!

  5. Your poppy is beautiful!!

    I love that song :)

  6. your poppy is so lovely and such a beautiful idea.
    i used to work in a military hospital and definitely wear my poppy with pride.
    many thanks for the pattern link x


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