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Made from scrap
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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Last Nights 'Ripple' Progress

All this Crochet Rippling has made me rediscover these!  Mmmm delicious.  I ate mine like this:

Ok not quite like that, it was a bit chilly in the Garden last night and on the verge of a frost,  but it was an indulgent moment!
Back to the crafty stuff!


  1. Now I want chocolate.. we're off to my older sister's 50th Anniversary Party.. and there will be cake! Hope it's chocolate!

    Love your ripple!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a wonderful ripple, scarf... and chocolate, I mean!
    Thank for your comment, it was a super afternoon!

  3. Naughty Lucy!
    Ripple is looking excellent, very vivid colourway.
    Caroi xx

  4. Brilliant post! Made me laugh.
    Blanket is looking fantabulous.

  5. LOL! What a great post, chocolate and scarf!

  6. Ha excellent progress made!!! Love it

  7. Now that I have stopped laughing, I can let you know that the ripple blanket is looking great :)

  8. Thanks so much for popping by the blog, I do love to see your comments. What a great excuse to have chocolate! How can you not eat a Ripple, when you're making a ripple? I love it!!

    S x


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