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Friday, 11 November 2011

Quick and Easy Spicy Meat Kebabs

This is another recipe adapted from Alia's Creative Life.  I am increasingly shocked at the cost of my grocery bill which seems to rise each week as the global economy continues to create a painful 'credit crunch'.  I 'work' part time and try to cook economically and create a variety of family meals on a budget.  I wander around the supermarket tutting to myself as I seem to have a photographic memory for grocery prices and I feel like these huge supermarkets are doing an excellent job of ripping us off!  My Dad laughs at me because I grumble about inflation and he still laughs about my comment that 'Budgie Millet has gone up over 100%'.  It is a good job the budgie has a tiny appetite!
This is 'Bob the Budgie's' Blog Debut.
 I can't say he was overjoyed to have a Camera stuck in his cage.
  He is 8yrs old and very chatty.
He loves Millet!
My 'boys' however do not have tiny appetites.  They go through phases where they will eat with gusto anything that I cook but currently both are going through a 'picky' stage!  That does not go down well in this house.  I think it is since I have started this *^""*ng diet Healthy Eating Plan and the offerings have altered somewhat!  They both viewed Homemade Salmon Burgers with suspicion, but tucked in and enjoyed them!
Grilled Salmon Burgers, Served with New Potatoes, broccoli  and Parsley  Sauce
Henry and I prepared live Mussels from Scotland this week and cooked them in White Wine and garlic.  I thought they were delicious but Henry prefers his usual pickled variety!  He was not happy de-bearding a kilo of live mussels.  I say it is character building.  I really should have got a photograph of the boy at work!  Whilst this dining is not the most economical they were still cheaper than any take-away meal.
These spicy kebabs were very easy to make and make a fast food style meal to be eaten with salad, pitta bread and sauce.  I think you could use any regular meatball/ meatloaf recipe and add spice.  In my case I added Balti Curry Powder.  Yeah for Spicy Balls.  They were a hit in this house!

400g of Lean Minced Beef
400g of Lean Minced Pork
1 large grated onion
2 tsp of dried Mixed Herbs
150g breadcrumbs
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of Balti Curry Powder

Plonk all ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.  (  I used clean hands to do this job.)  Leave the mixture for an hour or so to chill in the fridge.  Roll into small, walnut sized balls.  Deep fry your balls (No giggling please!)  For 5 minutes.  Serve hot with Pitta bread or Naan bread, salad and Raita Sauce.  I have made a note to myself to experiment with a vegetarian recipe for this style of kebab, it will probably involve my old favourites, Chick peas.


  1. Mouth watering delicious as always, I love the look of the salmon burgers how do you make those?

    My budgie Buster died today fourteen years ago, he looked just like yours, beautiful blue with long tail and gorgeous friendly personality, used to fill the house with chatter especially in the mornings. Seeing your little fellow reminded me of him very much.


    H xx

  2. A wonderful meal and I agree about food prices too.....I don't have a budgie but my chicken food has almost doubled in price....the salmon burgers also look very tasty.

  3. Hello Bob the Budgie. We always had a budgie, always called Joey!
    Yes, we are being ripped off by the big stores, not only are prices going up but packet, tin, box sizes are going down, reckon that is a 'perfect storm'. Don't know how families manage.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  4. I don't understand you ladies, the biggest power at the checkout. If you all boycotted the supermarkets for one week and lived off your stockbox/pantry shelves or freezer they would be on their knees begging you to return! I'm sure most of us COULD survive a week.
    As for millet, well that bird would have to go.

  5. sounds very nice! I can't keep up with my brood, they eat me out of house and home and are increasingly picky with it. What ever happened to "that's what's for tea and if you don't like it you'll go hungry" as it was when I was a kid. Instead I seem to make 3 different meals every night.

  6. As always delish. Isn't bob a pretty boy? Yes he is.

  7. Om nom nom......yet another delicious recipe :)

  8. i've been longing to meet Bob the Budgie. he's certainly handsome with his lovely blue feathers :)


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