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Sunday, 27 November 2011


Incarcerated, behind bars, harshly judged and an unfair trial!  Poor Chicken babies!  The Big Bad Man has had another meltdown about the 'fun' these ladies have!  I do not mind the Brassica Massacre.  I don't mind them rearranging the garden borders, I don't mind them camping out on the back step, but The Big Bad Man does!   As the garden gets seasonally wetter and muddier there has been a showdown, an 'In The Sky Style O.K Corral'.  It concluded with The Big Bad Man threatening to erect a large fence!  I agreed, a truly spiffing idea!  I will concede a little and agree, I wish the children would look where they were putting their feet!  So the result is a temporary loss of freedom to my girlies, but we all know 'When the cat is away, mice will play!'
      Today the girls were most appreciative of my titivating in their coop.  They came and admired the fresh covering of wood pellets and sawdust as I was putting it in situ.  They quietly cooed and clucked at the thick layer of warm straw I placed in their nest boxes and then as everyone else was out walking, they came out on the rampage again!  He he he!!!  They ran around at their leisure scratching, pecking, marauding and pooping wherever they pleased!
      I have a cookathon on Sundays, making lunch, then a homemade soup and usually Monday's  Main Meal too.  I wanted some Parsnips from the garden for the soup and tomorrow's 'Lamb Casserole'.  I dig for the parsnips with my bare hands, which is not at all good for the manicure but is the most effective way I have found of extricating the parsnips from the soil.  I use raised beds for gardening.  The chickens treat the raised beds as an Adventure Playground with tasty benefits.  Today I really struggled to get my parsnips, I tugged, and burrowed, wiggled and pulled for about five minutes.  I had two chicken helpers, Poppy and Daisy, in front of me, scratching the soil as I burrowed.  I pulled and puffed and puffed and pulled as they watched on in bewilderment and fascination!  Then I felt a little pair of feet on my back, Rosie had jumped on my back to peer over my shoulder and get a better look.  Obviously I could not take a photograph but I really wish somebody could have.  She sat on my back encouraging me in my parsnip digging plight.  I thought of the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'.  I really appreciated the help and support of my chicken buddies.

When the first parsnip came up they were fascinated but when the second Monster parsnip was wiggled free, I could tell I had earned their admiration and respect they cooed and clucked  in awe and wonder!   When push comes to shove... I would choose my 'Loyal Feathered Buddies' over many of the Human Beans in my life.  We have a bond and I love them!  Mess and all!  I have three lovely eggs a day as a reward for my earache!
      Therefore 'What God has put together, let no man separate.'   


  1. ooohhhh!! Look at the size of that parsnip....

  2. Great parsnip Lucy.
    Your story made me smile, those chickens sound like a lot of fun, great companions.
    Mine has been a baking day, 3 apple pies (not made much of a dint in the harvest though!), mincepies and flapjacks. All very good for the waist line.
    Dinner to make now.........
    Carol xx

  3. Very fun story :) I really wish someone could've gotten a picture of you with Rosie on your back! Your chicks sound like such joys in your life.

    PS- Awesome parsnip!

  4. LOL! SO funny, my three hens are in the hen house too after rampaging through the winter lettuces! I was cool about it but my husband went mad! SO funny!
    BUTTER that parsnip too, what a size.

  5. Thanks for admiring my Parsnip and sharing my humour :)
    Karen I am very relieved to know I am not the only one with chickens wreaking havoc. I think I could be going to 'Relate'! Chickens will be top of the Agenda! lol

  6. this is such a touching tale, i think chickens really do make the most loyal and affectionate friends. i just hope they don't get into to any more trouble with the BBM
    that is the most ginormous parsnip i have ever seen. one like that would cause a riot at our village fete!

  7. ps. i meant to add that preparing sunday and mondays meals together sounds trez sensible, i wish i had thought of that today.

  8. Dear Miss Lucy.. I loved your whole story.. and envision the BBM as wearing a black suit, a long black waxed handlebar mustache and a cockeyed black smokestack hat. I can see you standing between the girls and him with a large black cast iron frying pan in hand! He dare not touch a single feather!!

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Great story! i hope the girls get to run amok a lot when no one else is looking :-) I have the same thing with my two kittens, funnily enough called Poppy and Daisy! Whenever I'm doing anything like cleaning the bath that has me bent over Poppy will always be sitting on my back watching over my shoulder :-)
    Lori x

  10. I would love to keep chickens but I don't think the man would cope, especially as our yard is home to his "necessary" tools and bikes. We already have a dog, cat and three littlies running wild, chickens too would just about do him in!
    And I really want some roast parsnips right now...


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