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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Quick and Easy Oat Cookies

I was lucky enough to grow up with lots of family within five minutes walking distance from my house, both sets of Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, cousins and Great Aunties and Uncles.  These Oat Cookies remind me of my Great Auntie Marion.  She was affectionately known as Auntie Pauntie...I have no idea why!  I was rather spoiled by many of these relatives and saw many of them regularly, popping in for 'Egg and Chips' or a chocolate biscuit, home baked goodies, a chat to the budgie, a knitting lesson, a game of cards or a game of dominoes, a rummage through the button jar etc etc....I knew little treats would be waiting for me in the various houses.  I am sure I was a pest, but nobody ever let on.  Auntie Pauntie was a knitter.  She was also a smoker and she was partial to Whiskey and Brandy.  She was my Grandmother's Sister in law and I saw her multiple times a week.  My Grandparents were bombed out of their house in Birmingham in the Second World War and they moved in with Auntie Marion and Uncle Bill until they could get back on their feet.  They never bought their own home again, their next house they rented for the rest of their lives.  Auntie Marion was a very slim lady and knew how to fund her more pleasurable habits.  Her Oat Cookies were delicious.  They are very economical, very quick and easy to bake a batch and equally quick to disappear.  Euan has reserved a couple to take to school tomorrow.  I cook a batch in the oven when I am making the Sunday Roast.  (Chickens are rather partial to them too).
Here is the recipe for Auntie Paunties Oat Cookies:

100g Butter
100g Sugar
150g Self raising flour
50-75g Oats
2 eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Cream together the butter and sugar.  Add two beaten eggs and stir well.  Add the Vanilla essence, oats and flour.  Mix well.  Using your hands roll the mixture into walnut sized balls and roll them in oats.  Flatten them out and place them on a baking tin, spaced apart as they will spread.  Bake them in a medium oven for 15-20 minutes until they start to turn Golden.  If you have the patience allow them to cool...but they are delicious warm or even hot!  (They are a naughty breakfast occasionally in this house).
Pour whiskey, light cigarette and enjoy!


  1. These look lovely. I love recipes that have been passed down through generations.

  2. I must tell you that you are so very very very lucky to have grown up loved by so many people. Not sure if I've told you but our parents moved us across the country to a new life when I was 4 and the only aunt I had in Oregon was MEAN to me. So, I wish so much I'd had your good fortune. Wish the cookie recipe was in American measurements!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What fun it is to remember time with relatives from when we were younger :) It sounds like you have some very fond memories! Those cookies sound very simple, and very yummy! I should give them a go this next weekend...

  4. Those sound and LOOK fab!! I so want one!!

  5. Go Aunty Pauntie. I will have to try these, they sound delish. I was brought up on a similar biscuit thatwe all called grandma blacks biscuits (she made them) They turned out to be Anzacs!!

  6. Mmmmmm lovely recipe that I am DEFINITELY going to have to try :P
    I love the story behind them too - thanks for sharing :)

  7. Fantastic post Lucy! I love the story behind these and I indeed will bake sit back with a whiskey and enjoy but I will forgo the ciggi I think after 14 years since I gave them up ;)

  8. Hi there! Popped in to have a look around. Love all your recipies and crafty goodness!

  9. They look delicious! I will have to try that recipe - thank you for sharing it!

    Pomona x

  10. i think i want to be adopted by your family ;o)
    Aunti Pauntie's biscuits are going on the top of my next to bake list.
    i'm affectionately known as nanny rabbits among my family :3

  11. What is the temperature of the oven please? Also, what type of sugar do you use - caster or granulated?

    1. Thank you for your interest. I have used Caster Sugar or granulated...both are great. I bake them in a medium to hot oven about 180 C Bake the cookies until they are golden brown...Yum! You have made me want to bake some myself now! xxx

    2. Thank you for your reply!! As this recipe was posted a while ago, I didn't think I would get a response but chanced the enquiry anyway (hence me only checking now!). I think my family will really like these. I will make them when I get home for christmas and try to remember to let you know how they go. I find granulated makes for a crisper biscuit. Maybe I will see which I have in stores and see what happens!

    3. My 8yr old and I made these two days ago. I added a tbls of Golden syrup to this last batch. Yum! They never last long. xxx


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