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Friday, 12 August 2011

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

 Chalky's World linked to this site after she rustled up a quick scarf.  Handmade Scarves for Japan. I read the information on the site and started this scarf as soon as I finished my Lucy bag.  I thought 200g would be enough yarn for one scarf but with a 8mm hook and crochet rib it has made a very thick scarf so I needed to add a black stripe in the middle to make the scarf wide enough.  What should have been a quick, portable project, completely filled my 'Lucy' bag because look at the size of these balls!  I needed both balls as I doubled the yarn.
Euan thought this picture was hilarious.
Here are the 50g balls of yarn along with the 500g balls of yarn
Here is the not so portable 'Work In Progress' it will soon be finished and it will make a nice warm scarf.  I am hoping I will get it in the post  next week.

I crocheted at the swimming pool while Euan and Gramps mucked around!  I had to be careful not to get my balls wet!  
    This is a late night post because I can't sleep. I am going to meet 'Ravelry' chums tomorrow from the 'Yummy Yarns UK' group,  this is a group for 'devotees' of Patricia's Etsy store, that sells beautiful yarns and fibre that is all hand dyed.  We are meeting at a 'Yurt in the woods' and  my spinning wheel is coming with me.

The Yurt is in woodland in the grounds of Ulverscroft Manor in Leicestershire.  It is run by a charity.  Doesn't it look great?  I have not met any of the people before in person but we have chatted extensively on Rav.  Some of the others have met before.  I like getting in a group and knitter nattering.  :)
I am excited about the day but anxious about the drive, I am not a good driver when I am going somewhere new.   It is a 55 mile journey for me I am sure I will cope.   I will charge my camera up and share photographs of the day and tell you all about it asap.
 'One Flew overs the Cuckoos Nest' is on TV so I am watching and writing.  I love this movie, I also loved the book.  I can really relate to it!!!


  1. Those yarn balls are HUGE!!! I've never seen them that large before! What brand is that? Goodness. I must also add that I had never heard of a yurt before yesterday. Never. Now I come across the term less than two days later. What are the odds? Thanks for making me smile :)

  2. What big balls you have ;)
    The scarf looks wonderful, even if it isn't very portable! I hope you have a lovely time with the Yummy Yarns Group...I have a fair few of her yarns too - they are absolutely gorgeous! If you read this in time say Hi from me too! :)

  3. Lacey the yarn is 'Stylecraft Special DK'

  4. Lovely yurt spot. I was up late stitching and watching "One flew over...." too ;-) Best time of the day when there's a good film on.


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