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Made from scrap
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Monday, 15 August 2011

I must be getting myself one of these prints to celebrate.  Aren't they beautiful.

This morning I nearly choked on my Marmite and toast with excitement when I saw I have 100 followers.  Ok I had to go out into cyber space and work on a bit of publicity and gently twist some arms in a cybery sort of way, possibly even beg a little, I had been stuck in the '90's' for so long and I was desperate to move on!  I thank all of you for following me and laughing along at me, or with me should I say...  I am off to work on my Celabratory Give Away Post right now.  Don't hold your breath!  lol I will be back soon.  


  1. haha what an awesome pic! The fact there's a bee on it makes it even more perfect ;-) A little out of my price range though sadly!

    It's very exciting seeing new followers appear, I've a little way to go til 100 but every new person get's me dead excited :-D

  2. Congrats on making 100, and I love that print!!!

  3. LOVE that print! Your post made me smile!
    10 followers! That is BRILLIANT!


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