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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Glastonbury Love

My friend Sarah took this wonderful picture when she walked up Glastonbury Tor with Henry.  I absolutely love the photograph.  Can you see the Giant love heart?
Sarah also took this one of Henry, half way up the Tor sat on the Dragon's Egg with the wise old crones (the Elder and Hawthorn Trees).  If Henry sat any longer I think he may have hatched himself a Dragon!  Jake Wiggle the dog is having great fun.   I got stuck the last time I went to the 'Dragons Egg'.  It is quite a steep climb and I get vertigo.  I literally couldn't go up and I couldn't go down.  Quite a predicament to be in when you are half way up a 'Mystical' hill!  In the end my only route out was straight through a nettle patch sideways, crawling and scrambling.  Hence why this time I stayed at the park with my crochet!


  1. I can see the love heart!! What beautiful photographs :)

  2. Wow that'a fantastic! As you know I adore hearts so I find it really pleasing. You can imagine how over the moon I was to find heart shaped pebbles at Lulworth Cove and Middle Littlie found the heart shaped stone in Northumberland.
    Poor you that must be a horrible feeling not being able to go one way or t'other!

  3. The heart is wonderful, love it :) x

  4. What a beautiful place! That view is breathtaking and the faint heart in the grass made me smile :) The whole trip (minus the potential for nettles and slippery slopes) sounds charming. I'm sure you completed some lovely hooky work too!


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