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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Battle of the Crochet 'Lucy' Bag WIP

I last showed this in May.  It is my 'Lucy' bag from 'Attic 24'.  Yes it is still a 'Work In Progress'.  There are hundreds of these bags on the net that people have made, completed and lined beautifully.  I have been battling with mine for what seems like an age.
This is how I left it at something past midnight last night.  I didn't pack it away as the lining is all pinned out.  It still needs unpinning and pinning out again.  I am going to try a running stitch tack to get the rectangular side to fit the circular base.  Does that sound like a plan?  Oh I wish I had paid more attention in sewing classes at school, but to be honest I was frightened of the machines, once I had broken a needle or two.  I still don't know how I managed to do that.  I made an unfinished skirt, where I had cut the pattern out wrong, so all the will in the world wouldn't make it fit together.  In woodwork I used to break the saw blades often too!  I only made a letter rack.   I will be hand sewing this.  The completion feels so near yet so far!
I have used the waste paper bin and an upturned washing up bowl as a spare pair of hands.  I obviously don't think with a sewing brain, because there must be an easier way to line this bag.  I have read tutorials and looked at lots of other examples, yet I am still having a mental block.  I hope when it finally gets it's 'Ta Dah' moment you will join me and raise a glass in celebration.  I think it is going to look like an eight year old has lined it and there are probably eight year olds that could do a better job of it.
These pretties are waiting for their new home!  Everyday for the last three days I have thought 'today is the day I will finish the bag!'   'Maybe today will be the day I finish the bag!'


  1. Lucy, the bag is going to be gorgeous and you will be proud of it! Trying to help you with the lining: as I see it your bag is like made of a circle as the bottom and then straight up for the sides? so you could cut a circle our of your fabric, and a long rectangle with the side length matching the sircumference of the bag. Join the short ends of the rectangle, stitch one long side to the circle and your lining fabric has the same shape as your crochet bag. Join the two top sides and - voila your gorgeous lined bag. Is it as clear to you as it looks in my head? let me know and I`ll try to explain differently... :-)

  2. You're so close! Keep your chin up and it'll be done before you know it :) And keep in mind that if the lining doesn't turn up the way you like that you'll be the only one to see it! Everyone will be fawning over the lovely stripey goodness on the outside! Those pretty little flowers will set the whole thing off beautifully when it's complete. Best Wishes!
    PS- I have finally started my own little blog! Yay!I'll be using that name now instead of my Ravelry name.

  3. Thanks Ladies, I have decided it needs more flowers for now, I am still putting off the lining! I have had three good suggestions of 'How to' including Tina's suggestion. Thanks Tina. I am beginning to see there is not one way of doing it but several possible ways. I will definitely get it done, as soon as these flowers stop blooming off the hook!

  4. Lucy, you're a better woman than me as you're way closer to lining your bag than I am. I'm still using mine unlined after a year now! LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Ha Ha, sewing hurts my head too. Funnily enough, I also have an unfinished version, which I knwo that even when I finish I wont line!!
    I also finished a cushion cover last night, which I sewed one half crcohet, one half material, which looks like a five year old sewed!!!
    So you have my every sympathy there!Good luck finishing it


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