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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Chalky's Chipples - 'Inthesky' Style

Over at 'Chalky's World' she wrote a post about 'Chipples' an old Regional Salad Onion Dish her Grandmother used to make.  I thought it looked like a delicious recipe and in true 'Inthesky' style adapted it, as I did not have a full bunch of Spring Onions.  My Great Great Grandfather was a Market Gardener and my Grandmother told me she used to tie little bunches of onions for her Grandfather, to go to market in the 'Vale of Evesham'.
My Version of 'Chipples' included finely sliced Celery, Radish, peeled and diced Cucumber and sliced Spring Onion.  The dressing is a tablespoon of Cream, 2 tablespoons of Vinegar and a teaspoon of Sugar.  I seasoned mine with Salt, Black Pepper and Paprika pepper.
Link to Chalky's World and her chat about 'Chipples'.
My version of 'Chipples' became part of the baked potato eating ceremony with my parents.
Medha here is; A Potato baked in it's skin ( Jacket) in a hot oven until it is soft.  It takes about an hour.  You must prick it all over with a fork before you bake it, or it will burst in the oven and make a mess.  These can be eaten simply or with all sorts of fillings.
Sour Cream and Freshly Chopped Chives.

The first of the Courgettes, gently fried in butter.

Some freshly boiled Beetroot.
"Living off the fat of the land"


  1. I must say, all that food looks wonderful! Being hungry doesn't help my desire for yummy food at the moment ;) I think I finally figured out what courgettes are! I've seen the term in your blog before but couldn't place it to any vegetable I knew. Those look like zuccinis to me so I can only assume it's a different name for the same thing. Call you young and/or uncultured, but I am thrilled to have learned something new!

  2. Thanks Lucy, they look yummy. I cant wait to try them and then I'll let you know how they turn out....
    Thanks again.

  3. Thank you so much Lucy for featuring my Grandma's "Chipples!" I am so glad you have adapted them just for you. I bet they are delicious.
    Love Linda


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