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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Once we had established none of us had Trench foot or frostbite, we decided to go to the beach!  (For my Yurting trip next week I am packing wellies, thermals and my trusty Aran!) Geographically, where we live, 'The Midlands' is about as far from the coast as anyone can be in the UK.  We live about a 2 hour drive from this beach, from the campsite in Wookey it is only about a 30 minute trip.  Kids and dogs love the beach.  This is one of the rare 'Dog Beaches' and Lacey loves it.  She comes alive, chasing seagulls, shaking seaweed and looking for the biggest lump of driftwood that she can possibly find.  This is the beach at Brean Downs.  It is an area of historical and geological interest.
We had the beach almost to ourselves.
 Euan likes to explore, and Lacey isn't too far behind.
See how many goats you can count up there!  (But don't give yourself eye strain!)  I was a bit worried about them but they prance about up there without a care in the world.
There is a steep path to the top of Brean Downs, but there was a sign the last time I went, giving the statistics for how many dogs fall over the edge each year!  The 'National Trust' who own the site say there have been times when statistically a dog a month loses it's life over the cliff, there have been incidents of two dogs in as many weeks!  Really, Dogs, cliffs, rabbits and goats is not a great combination.  Lacey pulls on her lead, there is no way I would take her up there and I get terrible vertigo, it is more about edges than heights for me.
It is no good playing 'Spot the Teenager' in these pictures because he slept in the car on the way there, when we arrived he mumbled for us to carry on he would stay in the car to sleep, so a bit bemused Euan and I left him.  Having a teenage brother causes Euan a great deal of age inappropriate entertainment and amusement, but it also puzzles him somewhat.  How can you not enthuse about the beach?  He kept talking abut Henry and how much he would really like this beach, and we should go and get him, I explained it was Henry's choice and he was ok to make that choice.  It amazes me how having kids is so transient, the dynamics always shift.
I tried to photograph Lacey but she moved so fast I just got the tip of her tail and shadow.
We plodded back to the car to find Henry waking up, he said 'Come on then shall we go?'  'Where?' we asked.  'The Beach' he replied!!!  He didn't even know we had already been!  He is going to be a pure joy 'Glamping' next week!  He will get chance to go to the beach though.
I am really enjoying reading other 'Holiday Blogs' at the moment.  I guess I must be intrinsically nosey!  I am adding more places to my 'Must Visit One Day List'.  My Next post will be about a trip to my favourite place,    'Glastonbury' - 'The Ancient Isle of Avalon'.   


  1. Fabulous! I spent a week in Brean (warren's farm) quite a few years back those snaps brought back memories hehe consequently you were only bout an hour or so away from me! haha Glastonbury is even closer, There's big shopping centre close by i visit often called Clark's village in Street;)

  2. WONDERFUL photos and I loved reading your holiday diary!

  3. He He, got me one of those teen creatures too. Barely enough energy to sit up after a game of pitch and putt today. I often administer fizzy pop as a reviver, it works on him like magic, low blood sugar makes him so grumpy. Amazing beach.

  4. I love reading your writing.. it's so clever and funny. Your sand must have a lot of clay in it there as it was sculpted by the water and the wet part was very wide. Our sand is mostly dry except very close to the water. Evan is a delight.. enjoy him while he's "pre-teen"! LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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