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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wool Dolly

Tiny Makey Challenge
I remember my grandmother showing me how to make these Woolly Dolls when I was small.  Mine never progressed beyond the style shown in the picture below.  This is a link with the details of how to make the basic version out of wool scraps.
Urbantortoise has a great blog and has written a post about these woolly dolls after a friend showed her vintage/antique ones made by her Grandmother.  There are fantastic pictures of these tiny little dolls with clothes and features added.  Many of us will remember making these as children and these crafts are a dying art if they are not passed on.  This would be a fantastic activity for anyone needing to occupy children for an hour or two, on a budget.  Urbantortoise has set a prize competition, with the winner selected at random for anyone who submits a picture of a dolly they have made over the next couple of weeks.  Nostalgia kicked in after reading this post and I set to work on my dolly immediately.  Here she is...Wearing a smart Green and Pink ensemble, the skirt has pretty floral detail, the whole outfit is set off with the bling of a sparkly necklace and she has a Butterfly hairclip for her long ginger hair.  She comes complete with a crochet hook and her Work in Progress is an unfinished crochet doily.  Her shoes are very scruffy (I think she has had a night on the town!)  Nice legs, shame about the face!  (She is only about 8cm tall).  I had too much fun making this!

Lucy The Crochet Diva


  1. she is Gorgeous!!!
    Ooh i must have a go at making one of these :o) not sure i can match your genious though.

  2. Lucy is a beauty! and yes, I have lots of fond memories of making these when I was little too, will have to give it another go with Harvey and Ivan, they are completely obsessed with fairies at the moment so can maybe put on some fair wings to theirs :)

  3. She is really cute Lucy!!! I've been away from blogland for a few days and have missed several of your posts... I just saw the pics and I'll have to read them and catch up because they look amazing!
    Happy Valentines!

  4. Hey Lucy, you really brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye, as your grandmother made me one of these,I named him Sybil Archibold and he came everywhere with me.
    Thanks for the memory
    Dad x

  5. Dad, I know a little boy that would like to make one of these with his Grandad. I did not know you used to have a wool dolly. Sybil Archibold is a very posh name. The only toy you ever told me about was a spider in a jam jar! :)

  6. Lucy, your blog is beautiful and your doll just as! Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm in making her. It seems finding these dolls has been an emotional walk down memory lane for many many people, including your Dad. I really really feel that keeping such old incidental crafty projects alive is important, we all know that homemade things mean more than any thing, especially toys! Bless you for sharing in my joy!


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