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Thursday, 17 February 2011

I would like you all to join me and share some Celebration Cake...

I will celebrate with a nice cuppa :)

I broke through the 1000 mark at about 8am 18.2.11.  I am pretty sure it was my Blog friend Medha from India as she was leaving a comment at the time.  (Medha I am still waiting for you to blog your potato recipes!  I am getting hungry.  That is why I have gone biscuit crazy!)  I am a bit blog addicted at the moment, I love tracking pageviews and it amazes me that literally I get visitors from all over the world.  Each day that a new country is on the list is another step toward Intheskys Global domination.  I should work out a way of presenting this data, so far I save a picture of  the national falg of each country, but I cannot work out how to make multiple picture, pictures, and scrolling through a list of flags, may be more interesting to some than others!  lol.  So far I have had visitors from twenty different countries.
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Congratulations Lucy! Feels good, doesn't it.
    Ewe Go, Girl.. (i copied that from one of your pics on the left hand side) :)

  2. Medha, Thank you, you were right this blogging is addictive, I like tracking the number of pageviews and I also love tracking all the countries people visit from, It amazes me. I also like reading any comments, (as long as they are nice! :)) I am planning a 'Giveaway' to celebrate my Birthday in a couple of weeks. I will post about it during the next couple of days, I would like to enter followers only, for a chance to win one of four prizes, more details later. :)

  3. You very kindly left me a comment on Ravelry and I followed you over here. Glad I did, super blog, wow what a lot of posts!! Good luck with the 40 thing, its not all that really. I look forward to the next post. I may have to comment on the biscuits too!!


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