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Friday, 11 February 2011

First results from my new toy - Drum carder

Today is a nice bright day with the sun popping in and out from behind the clouds.  I could see the results of yesterdays carding in its full glory.  I took very quick photographs as the sun keeps disappearing.  I am beginning to realise it is very hard to take pictures of fibre.  I must try harder to take pictures that show the true colour and texture.  The fibre in the bag is Angelina which is very sparkly not that you would know from this picture.  The white is silk and the other is my Merino dye experiment/accident!
My six year old and I had fun drum carding for the first time yesterday and he christened the resulting batts 'Oil Slick'.  I think it is very apt.  Here are the batts and a small amount of spun single.

'Oil Slick' In all it's Glory
I have just found really clear turorials for using a Drum Carder on Alison Daykin's blog:
Alison Daykin's Tutorial for using a Drum Carder 1
Alison Daykin's Tutorial Drum Carder Part 2

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