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Friday, 18 February 2011

'40th Birthday' Celebration - Grand Birthday Blog 'Prize Giveaway' Win yourself the opportunity to have a drink on me!

To help me celebrate my imminent 40th Birthday, I would like to offer my 'Blog Followers' the opportunity to win one of 4 prizes. 1 for each decade of my wonderful existence.  The prizes are very typically me and are the sort of prize I would be happy to receive and rapidly consume.  A 'Lucy Style' Teatime!

Each prize will consist of:

 A 'Time for Tea' China Mug
 '40 Fine English Breakfast Teabags (A cup of tea for every year of my life!)'
 A packet of traditional biscuits (One of my favourites)
 A Tea towel, with which you can keep your highly valued, commemorative, keepsake in prisitne condition.

I will select four winners at random, by allocating each of my Blog Followers a number and employing an able assistant to 'do the deed' on Saturday 5th March.  (To be in the competition you will need be registered as a 'Follower' by Midnight on March 4th).  I will announce the winners on my Blog and as soon as I have the winners addresses I will dispatch the much coveted goodies ASAP.
Good Luck


  1. I love the tea theme of the prize! Happy impending-fortieth-birthday :)

    I would enter/follow you but I don't have a blogger blog. I do have an unused wordpress one and an actually used LJ...

    Good luck peeps :)

    ps - ooh I see I can comment with my wordpress account. Does that mean I can follow a blogger journal on WP then? I'm too new to get this blogging malarky!
    pps - This is Hannonle from Ravelry btw

  2. I love your posts!! they make me happy...
    my life had been a bit hectic lately so I'd missed a few that I had read already... congrats on your 1000 read pages... your recipes look great as usual...
    ConGraTulAtioNs on your upcoming birthday!!! your tea time trat looks lovely!!!
    I wish for luck in the drawing!!!!

    Have fun and a great day!

  3. Hi Lucy the big 40! its very exciting, as you know I had mine last year and marked it by the big journey to buy and collect in person my SpinOlution Mach 2 spinning wheel "Julius". Love the tea party idea, not very good at signing up to be a follower of blogs, I have all my friends blogs via RSS feeds so I know when they have been updated then in quieter moments I can relax and read your words :) Think I have added you to the 'following' list now though, thanks for the hint.
    Helen x

  4. This is the most sumptuous prize and I'd like to put lots of hearts here but don't know how to lol.
    40 is a nice birthday and I'm sure you will have a super time x

    (Leftylou)AKA (Budgeteer)

  5. 40 you say? Well, IMO, life doesn't begin until you're 50!
    What a lovely idea!

    jo xx

  6. I'd love to celebrate your birthday Lucy. You are drawiing winners on my birthday!I love your happy blog.

    Happy 40th babesxxxx

  7. Happy 40th Birthday! Are you taking international entries?

  8. Shirley,
    Certainly :) It is a Global Cyber Space Celebration!

  9. I just found your followers (WAY down at the bottom here)!! Happy 40th Birthday!

  10. I'm going to register as your follower right away...
    Whether I win or not, I want to give good compitition to everyone's who is participating.

    Lucy, your blog is wonderful. I love everything about it. It makes me smile.
    And you know.. the 40's are the new 20's!


  11. Happy Birthday!I have 5 more until big 40.Lovely prizes and so generous of you,count me in,please.And,now I follow =o).Have a lovely day.


  12. What a lovely gesture - the prize looks fabulous! Hope you have a lovely 40th birthday xx

  13. What a great idea! It is my 40th in July and I might just have to do something similar :o). Thanks for pointing this out on Rav - I will now "follow" you :o)


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