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Monday, 7 February 2011

Handspun Daffodil Yarn - Creative Spring Spinning

The Jonquils in the garden are now showing strong shoots, they are very pretty when they are in bloom  for quite a number of weeks during spring.  Each year they increase in number.  This picture was taken last year.  For a competition with readers were invited to spin a yarn that reflected the image and colour of a daffodil.  There were some fantastic art yarn entries.  I used Corriedale fibre and blended Green and Yellow using my Ashford Hand Carders.  I spun varieagated singles, getting lots of practice with colour changes.  Then plied the two singles.  The competition was judged by Alison Daykin the Author of 'Creative Spinning'. 

  Whilst I did not win the competition I recieved some encouraging comments and it was a good learning curve.  Here is a look at some of the other yarns...



  1. All the yarns are very pretty, I remember yours from last year, stunning!

    Hope you get the drum carder you want for your birthday, I am trying avidly to save up for the Jumbo Classic Carder but not sure if I'll make it anytime soon but one can try :)

    Failing that I will be on the look out for a used one too I think.

    Helen xx

  2. Ahh, Helen thanks for popping by and leaving your encouraging comments. Always nice to bump in to you in cyber space :)

  3. this is beautiful and love the name of this yarn too I dropped by from crafty in the med Kathy


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