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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Nice cup of tea and a sit down.

This is the book I am reading at the moment, it is perfect for Tea bellies, that enjoy munching a nice biscuit or two.

This book discusses the Great British custom of consuming tea and biscuits.  With many of the popular types of biscuits reviewed  in turn.  It is fantastic with lots of information about common family favourite biscuits.  Comparing their merits and virtues when consumed with a 'Nice cup of English tea'.  Home made is often seen as a classier treat with a cup of tea, however we have already lost some of our biscuit vaireties and I would hate it if others were to become extinct.  I think we should consume as many as possible to preserve the wonderful variety that we are lucky enough to have in abundance.  Biscuits are our cultural heritage and require our support...join my campaign to 'Eat more biscuits now!'
I am rather partial to a Cadbury's Chocolate finger,
a Malted Milk,
or a nice Tunnock's Caramel Wafer.
The wrapper says 4000 000 of these are sold each week!
Tomorrow my favourites may change, I usually like whichever one I am eating at the time. Oreo's are the worlds top selling biscuit I believe.  Research by 'Travelodge' has shown two biscuits is considered the polite amount to eat in one rude I am!  Which is your favourite?


  1. two biscuits ? do you actually know anyone that really does stop at just two ?? I dont LOL

    For me its Jammie Dodgers no contest :)

    Might try and knit some malted milk though, I quite like them too. I did knit the JD's along with some chocolate creams and ginger cookies last year which still look good, would be nice to add to that collection, you have me thinking of designs now ........

    H xx

  2. My favorite cookie ('biscuit?' I'm a Western USA Farmer's Daughter and find it REALLY hilarious to call a cookie, 'biscuit') is whichever one is in front of me -though I am partial to anything that's home made. And no, two is not enough, unless they are super huge cowboy cookies!

  3. Helen, I have seen your knitted biscuits and they do look good enough to eat. The problem would be when it came to dunking them in your tea, they would soak it all up! :)

  4. Snohomish, I would like a recipe for a traditional Western USA farmers daughter's 'biscuit' and a recipe for 'Super Huge Cowboy Cookies' come to think of it. :)

  5. I'd like the recipe for the cowboy biscuits too! When I have a chocolate finger, I dip it in my tea - which is very naughty, especially as I bother to make tea in the tea-pot.

    My favourites, 49p for 6 from Home Bargains. Yum!
    My first (Saturday) job was working on a biscuit stall at the local market. Bags of "broken" biscuits were very popular, so much so that the boss used to tell us to "drop a box" if we ran out!
    Carol xx


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