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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Recycled Sari Silk Waste Yarn

Nepalese Handspun Recycled Sari Silk Waste Yarn
 This is a beautiful and unique yarn that is made from the re-cycled by products of the colourful saris that women wear in South Asia.  They are the loose ends of saris collected from the industrial mills in India and are then hanspun in Nepal.  The colours are really rich with the attractive sheen of the silk.  I purchased this from someone online who was having a destash, I couldn't resist as it looks so inviting to work with.  I have looked at buying the waste fibres with a view to spinning it myself, but I couldn't resist this when the opportunity came up.  I have not tried to crochet with it.  I am currently knitting my sister-in-law a scarf for her birthday which is in less than a week.  This should be plenty of time to make a scarf but I have frogged it three times so far.  I am knitting a 'drop' stitch pattern and I have not tried this stitch before, I kept gaining or losing stitches in the previous pattern I was trying so I am now trying a simplified version.  The effort for the pattern I was trying to create did not really seem worth it as the yarn is so pretty without a pattern and the pattern would be pretty with a less flamboyant yarn.  I have found this yarn a bit tricky to knit with.
I am pleased with the results now and I hope my sister-in-law will like it.  I think she will, as she appreciates hand made gifts and this yarn is a mixture of beautiful colours.
This photo shows the true colours and texture in a much more accurate way.

This is the completed scarf.

1 comment:

  1. it's a really gorgeous yarn.

    i've got a book called 'fast knits, fat needles' that has some wonderful patterns for this kind of yarn, it's by Sally Harding (i think).


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