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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introducing Piwi the Kiwi 1 & 2

I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to my Spinning wheel and our little friend.   I have been spinning for just over a year I purchased my wheel a week before Christmas 2009 and recieved excellent service from Shiela at  Handspinner sells a full range of Ashford spinning wheels and accessories, fibres and books.  The website has a whole host of useful and interesting information, 'How to' videos, information, advice and lots of interesting and current articles about spinning and fibre crafts.
I purchased an Ashford Kiwi wheel.  I read lots of reviews and considered buying second hand as cost was a big factor.  I read a Kiwi was ideal for beginners and bought it at 2009 prices for under £200 pounds.  It was delivered flat packed about two days after ordering it.  Perfect for impatient souls like me.  I managed to put it together myself and it really helped to get to know the working parts of the wheel.  I treated it with 'Antiquax' to give it some additional protection.
     The frame is solid New Zealand Silver Beech wood and the drivewheel is Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).  The double treadle is ideal for beginners as the wheel can be started and stopped with your feet.  The flyer is positioned centrally over the wheel making it comfortable for left or right-handed spinners.
I am not usually materialistic over things however I am very fond of my wheel he is called Piwi the Kiwi.
The wheel arrived before the fleece, so the first fibre I spun was my dogs hair, I gave her a thorough grooming and practiced on that until my fleece arrived.  I do not have a sample to show you however I do intend to spin some more in the near future.  My partner did not fancy a balaclava made out of dog hair!  I think I would love something made from Lacey Hair.
I did not have spinning lessons although I am a member of The Birmingham Guild of Weaving, spinning and dyeing.  I really enjoy our monthly meetings and can get lots of help and advice from some very experienced members.  I found whiskey helped me to loosen up and get the hang of spinning!
     Piwi the Kiwi has a little friend to keep him company when I go to work, his name is also Piwi the Kiwi.  I think you will agree he is very cute :)


  1. Piwi no.1 is b-e-a-u-t-if-u-l! i would love to know how to spin, it must be so therapeutic.
    and as for Piwi no.2..sooooo cute!! :o)


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