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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Running Away with the Gypsies...

A couple of times a year Gypsy caravans and horses set up camp within a mile from my house.  I live in a busy town, so this is a novel sight.  I pass these on my way to work and they always make me smile and reflect on the virtues of simple living.  When my sons stress me out I joke with them and tell them I am going to run away with the gypsies.  I would love one of these caravans in the back garden what a fabulous Summer House it would be.  I love the little terrier looking out of the window as I took this picture.
A couple of these caravans look like work in progress.  I must admit they lose their appeal for me on a harsh, frosty morning.
They have about six of these horses that make the area look 'Olde worlde' as they graze by the roadside.  I love them they look so sweet natured.
I also think they look adorable in their winter woolly coats.
I am a bit of a dreamer and the sight of these make my imagination run riot,  my Dad tells some of our ancestors on his side of the family were travelling 'Carnies' so maybe it is something in my blood. 


  1. this has stirred up my Rom blood too (from my dad's side...something else we have in common :o). love the horses and such a beautiful waggon! i had one once that i kept at my nan's in kent as i was living in london at the time. she sold it for £50! one day, without even consulting me, she recconed it was bad luck to have someone else's wagon, even though we had enjoyed loads of brilliant holidays in it. i do miss it.
    your blog is a delight, am loving all this variety :o)

    wishing you a happy thursday xx
    the sun put it's hat on here for an hour this afternoon and i totally enjoyed it's rays. hoping it will come out to play more often now.



  2. Millie, we need to track down that caravan... I can see it now... Ratty, Toad, Mole, Millie and Lucy having some knitty crochetty adventures at a very slow pace of life, not forgetting kids, dogs, cats, budgie, guinea pigs etc, mmmm maybe two or three caravans then...The Sun did indeed have his hat on today, Hip-Hip Hip-Hip Hooray!

  3. The caravans are amazing!!! I have never seen one... maybe one day!
    Thanks for your comments! I laughed thinking about selling hotcakes!!! thanks for all!

  4. Its good to see travelling folk still doing what comes natural ie the nomadic life....I've also got some traveller ancestors from a few generations back.
    Great photos! :-)


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