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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I nearly forgot to show you...

See that...For meee!  This really is a bit of gratuitous self indulgence, but boy oh boy is it fun.  This is my Christmas Swap Parcel from the 'Ravelry' Group 'We Love Lucy'.  Naaa, not me Lucy but the fantastically inspirational Blog and Crochet Goddess 'Lucy' from Attic 24.  The group share photographs of 'our' crafts, patterns, tips ideas etc etc.  We signed up to be allocated a 'Swap Partner' to 'stalk' in the nicest possible way and then spoil with crafty goodness.  Being the Mom of two boys I have come to expect not much in the way of material gifts for Christmas, birthdays and Mothers Day.  I will confess to having a couple of meltdowns on the receipt of 'Nothing' but I am over it now!  (I do get lots of hugs, kisses, laughs and consideration which really are the greatest 'gifts'.)  I hope I will raise two thoughtful, considerate Men that would not mind a trip to the Yarn shop should their partners desire it, however I fear I have a long way to go!  It is great to have found a way to shop for lovely jubliness and have somebody else shop for surprise lovely jubliness for Moi!  The box caused me great delight!  Then when I opened it.... Ooooo!
It was full of pressies!
How exciting!

Cute Little Crochet Stockings, filled with Sweeties.  One for each person in the house to hang on the Christmas tree.  These were on my list of 'things to do' as my knitted ones have mysteriously vanished, I think they have gone the 'The Land of The Odd Sockies' with all the other socks that vanish in this house.

Some Pretty (girlie) stitch markers...I love them.

The choccies have vanished...but not mysteriously.  I did have helpers.

This is for 'Girls' only, very pretty stationary.

I also had Yarn:  ( I nearly bought some of this for myself!)  I think it will make a fantastic warp thread for weaving.

More Yarn (This is crazy because I love this yarn and have bought it for other people but never had any of my own.  I sent the same yarn to Joanna, my Swap Partner!)  I feel a 'Queen Anne's Lace' Scarf coming on;

And more scrummy Yarn with matching buttons, that I am going to turn into a cowl, if anyone has any nice easy pattern ideas they have tried and tested I would appreciate the advice.  I think the colour and texture of this yarn is going to be great to work with.

I also had a smelly candle 'Snowy' perfect for the dark winter nights.

I have Christened this Hook, 'The Posh Hook' and it is really comfortable to use.  'Knit Pro' I feel like I am in a new league.  I would recommend them.

Out of all these goodies I have saved the best until last, my very bestest favourite, that I am thrilled with is this fab and groovy new 'Granny Square Project Bag'.  
It is beautifully lined too.  I think Joanna is very clever and I really could not thank her enough for my thoughtful box of delights.  How Lucky?  If a girl can't show off in her own 'Little Corner Of Blogland', where can she show off?  I have not been naughty opening before Christmas, part of the 'Rules' of the Swap are you open and share photographs of your goodies when they arrive.  Phew, I could not have saved this with all the will in the world.


  1. Wow - what a beautiful collection of gifts!

  2. Wow, that is quite some parcel! Yarn, chocolate, hooks sounds perfect! And I love that bag!

  3. She sure did a great job with your present! What lovely gifts :) I need to check my Ravelry groups more often. I'm a part of the group but missed the swap! Oh well, that's what I get for being lazy....It's so special that you're able to be involved in something like that. I'm LOVING that Riot yarn! Enjoy your new gifts!

  4. what great pressies, love the bag the best!

  5. Lucy, you got spoiled rottttttttten!! But you deserve every single wonderful thing. You are one of my fave blog peeps, you know!
    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Wow! Lucky Lucy. :)

    Wonderful gifts.
    Happy holidays,Lucy!

  7. Oooooo lucky you!! What a gorgeous pile of goodies, love the yarn and the bag is fabulous!

    Lori xx

  8. That is a fantastic swap package....very well thought out and generous. Lucky you :)

  9. Wow how lovely. You lucky Lady.

  10. Isn't the world of internet wonderful -- Such wonderful gifts from someone just intent on spoiling you --- perfec! I think your little men will be just fine if they grow up surrounded by your loveliness in "the sky!"
    Kindest Regards Linda

  11. It does your soul good to be spoiled every now and then.
    Gorgeous swap parcel no wonder you are showing it off!
    I would recommend the Martha cowl on Rav (you'll find several in my project page)I have made a lot of these and they are so quick and easy. PM me if you have trouble finding it.

  12. Hi Lucy, thank you for your thoughts for EM. She will be having a biopsy in the morning.
    What a wonderful swap box, the bag is beautiful.
    Carol xx

  13. Your little stuffed stockings are so sweet! Congrats on receiving the Liebster from Nicole!


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