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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Funky Hooks

I think 'Etsy' is great, in this World of Mass produced I enjoy looking at items made by individuals who are often highly skilled at their craft.  Without the Internet I would not know half of these items were 'Out there'.  Obviously these hooks are the 'Bees Knees' in terms of 'Crochet Chic', but they are also incredibly practical as they really increase the comfort factor of the hook, (no, it is not in my imagination!)   I sometimes get aching joints in my hands from 'too much Crochet'....I know you can not have such a thing as 'too much Crochet'...but these hooks are so comfortable they have reduced the aches and pains.  You decide what size hook you want and what design and colour you would like to snazz it up.  The 'Artist' is:
Berit Hines.
Etsy Seller 'ClayImages'
The Following is only a selection of Berit's work, she makes a lot more than the selection I have chosen to show you:
Very Cute Cat

The Angel of Crochet (We could all do with One of those!)


I like the Witches

How Adorable 'Penguins'

What Cheerful little Snowmen.


Killer Whale
Very very cute eh?  If you do get tempted, please don't forget to share with me what you decide to go for...


  1. They are lovely, I would invest if I could crochet :) Nice to keep in mind for gifts though.

  2. Cute hooks indeed. Bright and clourful, cheering. Mine are so ordinary and boring...

  3. So cute! Thanks for introducing me to this seller.

  4. Mmmm, I may be taking a look when the finances have recovered from Christmas!! I hope had a good one and that your New Year will be all that you want it to be! X

  5. Thank you so much for this nice article! Glad you're enjoying my hooks.

  6. Gorgeous hooks! I found that too, I have arthritis is my hands and these type of hooks are so much easier to use as well as looking fabulous of course :-)

  7. Those are beautiful. If you dont crochet, they make the perfect gift for the person who does.

  8. Wow! These are wonderful. What intricate patterns that Berit does. Go ClayImages!!

  9. This Post has had a fair few hits today, I would like to thank you for your comments too. I hope you all rush to Berit's Etsy Store and treat yourselves, you know you deserve it! :)

  10. Great designs. My favourite/most comfortable hook is a very plain Clover Soft one, however, I think I could do with one that is longer, just so it doesn't push into my palm. (probably because I have long hands/fingers).
    Carol xx

  11. OOOOH! I love these! Off to etsy .... again.

  12. Wow, great idea! And Berit's hooks turn an ordinary item into a work of art.

  13. These are such lovely handles, I am a lover of killer whales and penguins, but they are all so very nice. I want to try to do them myself, but having a hard time with them, trying to find the best way of doing them. I can't get around to good these days. But I will one day. take care nd have a great day/evening. Andrea xxxxxx


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