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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Welcome Home

Look at my lovely new Door Mat.  It is the best door mat I have ever seen.  Most 'doormats' are just taken for granted, walked all over and nobody pays any attention to them.  Nobody could overlook this doormat, she is almost too good to step on.  I think I will find it painful if people wipe their feet on her.  I will need a doormat before we get to 'The Doormat'.  Yep I like my new doormat.  Every time I come home I think she is going to make me smile.
I couldn't resist a lovely new cushion also.  What a cushion.  Just what I needed, I am sure I will find it is just what I needed.  I am not usually patriotic, but this country is celebrating this year so the Union Jacks are creeping in through my front door, albeit non traditional Union Jacks.  Our Union Jack really would look better in shades of pink!  Red, white and blue is soooo yesterday!  You gotta have a love heart bang in the middle too.  Her Majesty should really think about moving with the times and having a change...the future is not orange, it is pink with love hearts!

Today there is the warmest sunshine we have had in quite a while.  It has brought out the first blooms in the garden.  You need sunglasses for this photograph, my camera does not seem to like yellow very much.  It does like purple though.
Very pretty.  A post Winter tonic, surely Spring has sprung?   Before I leave you to continue with the Spring Cleaning, here is a little Spring ditty to end with....
Spring has sprung,
The Grass has riz,
I wonder where
Them birdies is? 

There seem to be a few versions of this little poem around and it's origins are debated.  


  1. You sound very happy in this post :) Your mat & pillow are very pretty indeed. As pretty as those are, I think I am most taken with that BEAUTIFUL little purple flower at the bottom of the post! Excellent job capturing the colors there. It sounds as though spring really has sprung for you!

  2. Internet has been very scarce over at Chalky's World whilst "Operation Broken House " has been going on. One of the things I have missed very much is your lovely blog! x

  3. Love the mat and cushion. I love seeing all the union jack things in the shops. I keep on looking to see if my daffs are coming out but no sign of them at all yet. xx

  4. I love your new doormat, I'd have a hard time wiping me feet on it too! And the new cushion will be a great pop of color to your room!

    I'm loving the purple very beautiful!

    Thanks for the heads up on the win of the giveaway.

  5. This post made me chuckle! Enough to read it out to my OH who chuckled too! Whatever you were on today - I want some :)

  6. Ok.. I'm jealous.. are you happy? :-) I would love a doormat like that.. and your flowers.. ::stomping foot:: I want some to bloom!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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