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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hug in a Mug - Valentine Mug Cosy Free 'Pattern'

Valentines Day is rather like Pilchard Pie in this house!  I am the only one that likes it!  I really like this time of year and it is all about baby lambs and birds with nesting materials in their beaks, Daffodil shoots and Snowdrops.  Soon we will be admiring the Spring Violets and getting busy in the garden again with flowers springing everywhere.  Rule number one regarding Valentines Day or any other day for that matter, is 'You have to love yourself'.  So if you don't have anyone to make this 'Mug Cosy' for, make it for yourself, you know you want one.  They take little over an hour to rustle up and are very easy.  They certainly add a bit of extra love to your Hot Chocolate.

‘Hug in a Mug’

Materials: Scraps of Double knit Yarn in Chocolate Brown and Red.  Three buttons.
Hook Size:  4.5mm

Chain - ch
Double Crochet – dc
Treble Crochet – tr
Single Crochet – sc

For the Mug Cosy in ‘Chocolate’ coloured yarn.
Make 15 chain.  Turn.  Skip the first stitch work a dc into each ch.  14 dc.  1 ch turn. 
Work 1 dc into the back of each previous dc (14 stitches) 1 ch to turn.
Repeat until your work is long enough to fit around the mug of your choice.
To Make Button Holes:
Work first 2 dc then work 5 ch, skip the next 3 dc and work the next 2dc,  make 5 ch, skip next 2 dc, work the next 2 dc, make 5 ch skip the next 2 dc and work the last 2 dc.  Fasten off.

To make the Heart in Red Yarn:
Ch 5, join them with a slip stitch.
First Round:  Ch 3 then work 10 tr into the circle.
Second Round:  Sl st into the next tr, (1 dc, 2 tr) into the next tr, (2 tr, 1 dc) into the next tr, sl st into the next tr, (1 dc, 2 tr) into next tr, (2 tr, 1 dc) into the next tr, sl st into the next 3 tr.  Fasten off.

Making up:
Sew in all ends.
Sew the three buttons into place.
Sew the heart motif onto the mug cosy.

Copyright: 'In The Sky 1' 2012


  1. What a lovely way to give yourself a hug :)

  2. Love Role Number One.
    The mug cosy is pretty cute too

  3. ooooh i made a little heart like that a few months ago when i was dabbling with crochet. now i know what to put it on :) thank you sooooo much for sharing the pattern xxx

  4. What a nice idea. I made mug cosies and had completely forgotten about them, probably because I made them in a boring yarn - they need a heart to pretty them up!
    I love this time of year too, especially now the snow is going. The days are much longer and with all the new growth, it just feels "good".
    Carol xx

  5. Awww.. that's such a cute mug cosy.
    I'm definitely going to make one of those for myself.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern


  6. Awww, that's a lovely mug hug :) I am now going to have make myself one....but as I can't crochet, I am gong to have to knit one instead ha ha :) x x

  7. I am going to have to make this sometime during the week!

    I'm a bit of a crochet newbie but I'm determined and picking it up quickly.

  8. Ooh I love it!

    I'll have to get making one of those

    Grace x

  9. Great pattern and thank you for the great button hole directions. Very helpful :)

  10. great i loved the content of this website

  11. i loved your site thanks you.

  12. What a great valentines day gift!! I'm making one each for my Mom and dad this year love it!

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