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Friday, 3 February 2012

Ethelwulf's Pie Day Friday!

Today was 'Anglo Saxon' Day at Euan's school.  He had to dress up as an Anglo Saxon.  This troubled me somewhat as I am not one of those Moms that can make fabulous costumes.  £24.00 for an Anglo Saxon costume on Ebay and I very nearly succumbed to save me the trouble, I didn't though and have been scouring charity shops for a couple of weeks.  He also had a New Sword that he was very proud of but he drew the line at a Faux fur 'Rabbit skin' pouch, he was having none of that.  They had some visitors from Birmingham University and they gave the children very realistic looking battle wounds, the kids were coming out of school with dreadful head and face wounds.  Euan came out blemish free, he was having none of that either!  He apparently had a wound done on his arm but he didn't like it so went and washed it off.  He is a very willful boy, I don't know where he gets it from!
I have driven past these baby lambs twice in the past couple of weeks and been disappointed that I did not have my camera, so today I took my camera.  They were very close to the fence on the previous occasions I have seen them but of course today they were far away.  I love this little one trotting behind his mom.
It is incredibly cold here at the moment, I feel sorry for these babies as they do not look that woolly to me.  I have seen them hopping and skipping around but today they were in little huddles trying to keep warm.
I hope their water trough was not frozen.  I also hope they get some warm sunshine on their little backs soon. I love the way their little tails waggle as they suckle from their moms.  The bright sunshine and baby lambs are fooling no one that Spring has Sprung.  The frost has not cleared all day.
            Talking of 'little huddles trying to keep warm' I have packed out the chicken coop with straw, I don't think chickens have too much trouble keeping warm.  They have played out in the frost all day and I am quite intrigued to see what they make of snow.
I managed to get them some corn on the cob today, their favourite.  It wasn't until I got it home I checked the country of origin.  Senegal!  That corn has clocked up more air miles in it's lifetime than I have.  That can't be right can it?  Corn on the cob in the frost!
          I have not forgot it is 'Pie Day Friday' but as enthusiasm was dwindling for my pies I have gone with a sweet pie this week.  'The Pie' needs assembling just before eating, so as it is not finished yet I have no photographs of it.  I will reveal 'The Pie' tomorrow.
I will also reveal the contents of these tomorrow.  For now my priority is to work out how and where to hide them!
I hope you are all set for a relaxing weekend.  X


  1. Hello there. Intrigued by contents of the black bin bags. Have popped by to have a look at your blog via Teresa Kasner's blog. Anne x

  2. Chickens don't like snow! Had to dig a path for mine when they got stranded in the snowfall last year, and then line the path with raisins, as Betty was not convinced about walking on snow, not that I can blame her really!!

    Thought of pie day tonight as we had chicken and leek pie (more by coincidence than anything else!!)

    That view of the lambs reminds me of waiting for the school bus on equally cold mornings, many moons ago!!

  3. I think I know what's in there!!! Good luck finding space to keep it all though :)

    S x

  4. Ok I'm dying to know what is in the bags ... lol.

    I'd so be like you on go to ebay to buy an outfit ... lol

    Have a FAB weekend!!

  5. I bet it's raw fleece in those bags! Tell Euen that he looks like a proper Anglo Saxon.. all he needs is a rabbit fleece bag.. ::ducking::

    Those are some lucky hens. Someday we'll have some again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. your son looks adorable and I am curious about the bin bags.


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