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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Late 'Pie Day Friday' Post - Banoffee Pie

Pie Day Friday has been lacking support in this house.  I have been informed 'Pudding Pies' are still acceptable.  I have never made a Banoffee Pie before.  I don't like the idea of making the caramel, I worry it will burn in the pan or explode in the tin.  Seriously I know what I am like.  So when I saw this:
I knew there was no excuse.  There really is no 'Cooking' as such with this pie, it is more a case of assembling.  It appears to be a favourite in this house.  I used a classic crushed biscuit and butter base in a flan dish.  Plonked the canned caramel on top.  Topped the caramel with slices of banana and topped the banana with cream.
What this pie lacks in presentation and technical skill, it sure made up for in taste.  

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  1. You can also melt Mars Bars and then pour that onto the biscuit base, although this assumes you want chocolate in there too (and who wouldn't?)


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