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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Garlic Tea - Home remedy for Coughs, colds and Flu

I have got to share this recipe with you:
Garlic Tea
I think the 'Forest' claimed a victim.  Since last Wednesday I have had a painful throat and chest.  I also have a cough, just a good old winter something or other!  I came across the notion of 'Garlic Tea' on a discussion board on Ravelry.  I know Garlic is very powerful for home remedies.  Garlic Tea sounds pretty terrible but you have to trust me on this one, I actually rather like it.  I could almost go as far as to say it is almost delicious!  It seems to be keeping whatever it is at bay and really is the only thing making me feel better.  Euan has rather unceremoniously pointed out I stink but I am definitely staying home as it is freezing outside and we have had snow, so I should not be causing offence to anyone.  Good job we are cyber friends and not meeting in person.  We have been overdosing on garlic anyway in this house,  in our food, soups, mushrooms, pasta sauce.  I bought some excellent plumptdelicicious garlic last week.  The cloves are super-sized.
   In true 'In The Sky' style I have adapted this 'Garlic Tea' recipe from researching several recipes.  So here is my version.  It is traditional in Spain and Mexico to serve Garlic Tea for Coughs, colds and Flu.  Keep this recipe  in mind, you may thank me!  Besides they say 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!'

Four of five cloves of garlic peeled and halved.
The juice of one lemon
2tsp of Honey (local to you if you can)
1 tsp of ground ginger (or fresh root ginger, a lump as big as your thumb peeled and sliced)
Boiling Water

I put all the ingredients straight into my trusty little Thermos flask and top up with boiling water.  When it runs low I just top it up with more water, honey and lemon juice.
This still remains a popular post of mine How to make Hot Port for Medicinal Purposes, however 'Hot Port' is great for bedtimes, when you have to function 'Garlic Tea' is the home remedy for me.


  1. I wouldn't mind you smelling of garlic if we'd met! I love that stuff!!!
    You keep that thermos flask just for this tea? Or do you get the scent out again?
    I would add some thyme as it loosens the cough (as well as stuffed sinuses).
    Hope you feel better and can enjoy your sunday afternoon!

  2. I took my echinacea and it worked like magic. I don't know why I delay, I should take it as soon as the first sneeze arrives!
    Hope your garlic tea has worked well too and your are feeling much better.
    Carol xx

  3. Oh my. I bet you got the cold from all those kids! :-) Hubby calls germ carrying children "vermin". LOL! I'm glad you found something that works for you to make you feel better. We get a flu shot which has kept us safe all winter. Colds always go into bronchitis with me so I avoid them like the "plague"! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I shall make a note of this for next time I'm suffering. Could have done with it last week, it came a bit late for me! I'll pass it on to my friend who has a bad cough at the mo!

  5. I have a version of this which involves cayenne pepper. Gets everything moving about! I actually started sniffling this morning, so contemplating that and some soup when I get home.


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