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Monday, 6 February 2012

Chickens in the snow

Yeah we had some snow!  At last!  I have been worrying about chickens in the snow.  Chickens are not supposed to like the rain but my three don't care and will happily run around bedraggled in a downpour.  Chickens really aren't supposed to like the snow, many won't come out in the snow but again mine don't care.
They ran around almost as normal, they did notice it coming down and had a little look, they just shook it off when too much built up on their backs.
   The snow did get a lot deeper than this but they ladies were not deterred, they like their freedom.  Their coop is clean and dry and packed with straw.  They did think their water freezing was strange and me bashing it with a stick even stranger.
The garden is covered in the pretty patterns of chicken tracks.
Lacey likes the snow too and was perplexed by her frozen tennis ball.
She didn't want to come in!
Somebody else didn't want to come in and had a bit of a 'tamprum' when I called time shortly after this photograph.  He did have a woolly hat on but it ended up cold and soggy like the rest of him.  Straight in and in a warm bath where the 'tamprum' was soon forgot.  He is lucky I let him out in the first place as playing in the cold and wet goes against my better judgement, but what sort of Mom doesn't let her kids play in the snow?   He went out in the snow again the following morning with his friends.  I looked out of the window to see him making a pair of snowball 'boobies' and dancing on the front lawn!  Boys!  What will the neighbours think?


  1. aww..bless them chickens ❤ and bless sweet lacey dogs ❤ and boys that brave the snow :) i still worry when my youngest son is out in the snow and he's 23!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog and today I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Love Judy xx

  3. Bless 'em one and all! funny how the snow affects people isnt it?


  4. Happy, snowy chickens. We have a pheasant who visits (he shares the bird food on the patio) and yesterday I went out following his tracks to see if I could find him but the tracks ended so I guess he must have taken flight.
    Boobies on the snow(wo)man - I'd tell the neighbours he's been learning about equality!
    Carol xx

  5. I am so jealous that you had some snow!!! Your chickens are amazing and what can I say about snowball boobies....boys eh? LOL :)


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