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Saturday, 25 February 2012

National Chip Week Celebrations

This is what I find most mornings.  I photographed these this morning, before I touched them.  How clever of my Chickie Wicks to lay them all neatly in a row, waiting for me to collect.  Good, clever girls.
My daffodils are multiplying in the Spring sunshine in spite of all the danger, as they are under almost constant attack from a child, a dog or chickens. The backdoor has been open all day and the dog has been snoozing in the garden for the first time in months.  My parents popped down as my Dad wanted some of my Raspberry canes to transplant, today was a good day for pottering in the garden.  The chickens enjoyed dust baths in the raised beds nearly burying themselves in the soil and flapping madly.  They better make the most of those raised bed dust baths because I have been on Ebay looking for 'vegetable protection solutions'.  My other half constructed a pretty serious looking fence last week straight across the middle of the garden.  To say he was a little miffed about all the Crappity Crap the chickens create would be an understatement!  It is starting to look like Alcatraz out there!  Now I just have to solve the problem of their wanton vandalism of the vegetable beds.  My chickens are keen gardeners, a bit too keen.  I can forgive them as their eggs are delicious, not to mention they are clucking cute!
   For lunch we celebrated 'National Chip Week' in style.
You really can't beat homemade chips with a fried egg.  I was going to use a Parsley garnish for the purpose of the 'Egg and Chips' photo shoot but I didn't want to 'over egg my pudding' and the chickens have had all the parsley anyway!
I am also working on another small crochet project, in among the madness.  It should be ready for revealing soon, today or tomorrow.  The problem with my Granny Square/ Granny Stripe addiction is there are a lot of ends to sew in!  I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend.  It feels like Sunday to me today, so officially I am having a long weekend as I get to do Sunday all over again tomorrow.  Yippee!  Hoorah for delusion and confusion.


  1. Eggs and Chips, a match made in heaven. Yum!

  2. Dear Lucy.. tell me.. how did you get your egg so pretty? It has the look of a poached but you said it was fried? And wow.. how did you make those gorgeous chips? We're also on a healthy eating streak so I'm on the hungry side. We're having a baked Acorn squash for dinner.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I would love to have chickens but haven't the space and I had heard that they are complete vandals! But those eggs, with chips Yum Yum! Reminds me of my Nan who used to make the BEST EVER egg and chips delicious!
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend with the double Sunday thing going on LOL

  4. Mmmmm egg and chips is classic combinations...especially when the yolk from the egg merges with some tommy K!! Sounds like you have had a good day :)


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