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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Creating A Pretty Crafty Home - Hmmm Not Quite!

I am not sure I am cut out for this Making a Pretty Crafty Home malarky.   This is an after shot!  I am to ashamed to show you any of my before shots of anywhere in this house!  I tidied the whole kitchen this morning for about an hour and a half, which is a housework marathon by my definition.  I went in all the drawers of Crappitty Crap and cleared off nooks and crannies.  The drawers actually open now!  Disgraceful.  I found all sorts of ancient paperwork and dusty stuff!  These little shelves were a disgrace, piled high with junk.  I know they look like they need another de-clutter.  Now the kitchen is the tidiest room in the house I will have to tackle the living room.  I am finding Tina's advice is crucial, to tackle areas in small chunks.  If I look at is as a whole I find it soul destroying and don't do any of it!  I really think I am allergic to housework.   I have been reading lots of articles and find 'Kanelstrand' a really interesting blog.  This article Bliss Through Innermost Simplicity was fascinating, particularly the video link to here to 'Innermost House':
Armed with my black bags, I am on a one woman mission to throw everything away!  Not my yarn, fleece, needles, hooks, spinning wheels or any of my crafting paraphernalia though.  Hmmm come to think of it it may be that creating all the mess.  Surely after all this tidying a girls deserves a bit of Yarn fun!


  1. Sure you're cut out for it! :)

    I think the dresser looks good, bunting and tea pot cozy both very cute. The china and glassess all arranged nicely - good stuff. The only thing I might change is removing the stuff on top and maybe finding somewhere else for the trays? Although that's just me! Plus, 'finding' somewhere else to put things just isn't that easy is it?? Not I'm my house it isn't anyway!!

    S x

  2. Looks great!!!Keep counting your family at regular intervals.

  3. Looks lovely! I am "allergic" to housework too! Today I had an afternoon off, was going to do some and only got as far as emptying and reloading the dishwasher!! You are not alone xx

  4. I think you are making good progress. Your cupborad looks good. And I think the triangle banners look so cute, and give it a special crafty look.
    Keep the good work!
    Ana BC

  5. I'm not much good at this 'prettying the home' thing either, but I think you have made a fantastic start and more to the point you have the wine glasses in a very accessible position. A 'must have' in my book!
    I thought the 'Innermost House' was rather ingenious, I could quite happily live in this but I may just have to have an extention to accommodate the crafty things!

  6. I think your dresser looks amazing, and nice work getting organised and into it!!
    And yes, you deserve some yarny spinny time as a reward- it would be a crime if you did not immediately start- Go to it Spinderella!!

  7. Your dress looks lovely. I've bought a new dresser and am in the midst of 'prettying' it up.
    I am not going to buy anything for it, I'm going shopping in the loft and garage!
    The cupboards and drawers will provide much needed extra storage space.
    I have two boxes and two bags ready for the charity shop. I'm sticking at my decluttering too.
    Carol xx

  8. oops, missed the 'er' off your dresser! lol.

  9. I'd say that was a pretty impressive days work, those shelves look great! Good for you! :) Once I started getting rid of stuff I couldn't stop... it really is a freeing and gratifying feeling. :) I thought that video was cool, but too cramped for my taste. I prefer open, uncluttered spaces around me. :)

  10. You're so funny! I spent the day spinning.. am off to go post some photos now. To heck with the house. LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Looking good to me. Well done! I bet you keep going and opening anf closing the drawers just because you can, and it makes you feel good! Or is that just me when I achieve something that has been bugging me for a while?


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