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Friday, 10 February 2012

Pie Day Friday - Another Under Rated Pie To Try

"QUALITY CANNED FISH FOR OVER 50 YEARS. CONTAINS OMEGA 3. GLENRYCK PILCHARDS are of the finest quality and freshly caught from the ocean for canning. "In value for money, GLENRYCK PILCHARDS provide more first-class protein than does beef steak." GLENRYCK PILCHARDS contains more calcium than cow's milk. A serving of GLENRYCK PILCHARDS can provide 33% of the "Recommended Daily Intake". (One can contains four servings). "Omega-3 fatty acids naturally found in GLENRYCK Pilchards add to the dietary value of a good, hearty meal". Allergy Advice Free From Additives, Free From Artificial Preservatives Ingredients South Atlantic Pilchards (64%), Tomato juice from concentrate (34.7%), Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Thickener - Guar Gum, Spices" 
(Taken from the Information on the can).

Sounds like good stuff to me.  Not to anyone else in the house though.  I am continuing with my plight to work my way through our 'Store Cupboards' and the Freezer.  If I get on my hands and knees and feel about in the back of the cupboard, I am coming across all sorts of things like these Pilchards.  It is a shame to throw food away if it is edible.  As a child I can remember eating Pilchard Sandwiches, Pilchard and Tomato Sandwiches, Pilchards on Toast and once a delicious Pilchard Pie made by my Uncle.  Uncle Keith whose name was Dave was my dads older brother.  There was a lot of that in those days wasn't there?  Jack who was Reginald, Nancy who was Kathleen, Bill who was James, I have never really understood how that happens.  Uncle Keith went back to being called Dave after about thirty years, but I never got the hang of it, he was always Uncle Keith to me.  He sticks out in my memory for many things, he was an ex Paratrooper and suffered with a very bad back.  He told me 'You are not safe unless your feet are on the ground!'  That makes perfect sense to me.   He had four children and I think home cooked nutritious meals that did not break the bank were crucial to many families.  I can remember a very tasty Pilchard Pie that he bought to our house for my Dad.  Pilchards seem like a 'super' food to me if you read their nutritional resume.  My sons would rather go hungry than eat a pilchard though!  Not for all the tea in China would they eat a Pilchard.  I am on my own again with this Pie.  I am really getting the hang of this 'Pie Making' lark and can rustle one up in about ten minutes, I used to think pies were tricky but like anything the more you make them the easier it gets.

2 x 150g Cans of Pilchards in Tomato Sauce
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 Large Onion Peeled and finely chopped
1 small yellow pepper finely diced
1 small red pepper finely diced
1 small green pepper finely diced
1 tablespoon of tomato ketchup
A Jolly good squeeze of lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Line a pie dish with shortcrust pastry and roll out the top of the pie crust.
Fry the vegetables in olive oil until they are tender.  Mix all the ingredients together well and season well to taste.
Put the pie filling in to the pie and place the pastry lid on.  I liked decorating the top of my pie with two little smiley fish, with little swishy tails and scales and everything!  Ok I had a bit too much fun making little fishies to decorate the pie.

Bake in a medium to hot oven until it is golden.
Serving suggestions:
This pie is tasty hot served with New potatoes and green vegetables such as peas or beans or it is also delicious served cold with a salad.


  1. I quite like Pilchards on long as there is a load of vinegar on them! I am not a huge fish fan, but your pie does look lovely :) I can't wait to se what you come up with for the next Pie Friday :)

  2. Sarah next Pie Day Friday better be a Sweet Pie before I scar these boys for life! They will have an unhealthy aversion to anything with pie in its name!

  3. You're so funny.. cleaning the cupboards and using it for dinner. Reminds me of my hubby.. at camp.. I would say.. what should we have for dinner? And he'd say.. "What ever is about ready to rot." :-) That would really make me look forward to dinner, let me tell you.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hi Lucy.
    Pilchard pie apart (I have a tin in the pantry for snacking, as a diversion to ketchup butties)let me explain how uncle Keith became Dave (or vice versa)
    After a home confinement and the second son being born, my maternal grandmother (Gran Govier) wanted to call him David and my mother protested vehemently. However Gran went and registerd The baby while Mom was still in bed rest after giving birth.
    She visited Mom quite triumphantly with the paperwork and stated "there I've registered him David Keith".
    "Right" said Mom, "from this day on he will be called Keith"! And by the time I was born eight years later everyone that called for him, spoke to him or about him called him Keith, and it was't until he came out of the army that he used the name Dave.
    But when me and your mom are out and about and anyone mistakenly calls me Keith, she knows that that is an original inhabitant of our town.
    Can't answer Jack, Nancy or any of the others though.
    Dad x

  5. Dad, Thanks for the explanation, Granny Nelly must have been cross about that! I know I would have been! You do look very much like Uncle Keith. One of the neighbours once asked me if I was your daughter, when I politely said yes she said 'I thought so, you have got that look about you!' I don't think it was a compliment either. :) x

  6. I love Glenryck pilchards, have to scrape the tomato sauce off though (intolerance). Never put them in a pie, usually have them with salad or on toast. Your pie does look scrummy, I could just miss out the tomato paste!
    Have a lovey weekend.
    Carol xx

  7. No fish and me don't like each other but I love the little smiley pastry ones on the top :-)

    Love the name thing though and the explanation from your Dad, lol! A lot of people used to use their middle names I think but I never got how names like Jack, John and Jim seem to be inter-changable, I mean they're all different names!
    Lori xx

  8. when i showed my daughter she thought it was some kind of early april fools thing. but i said no, this lucy is really as mad as that ;o) in a good way, of course (in the very best way).
    we decided that even if we weren't vegetarian we would probably not be brave enough to try it. but we both agreed that my nan (her great nan) would have loved it! i think my nutty (in a sweet way) brother would probably enjoy it too.
    we like the fishes on top :)

  9. I love the fishes on top! Very cute!


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