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Friday, 20 January 2012

Ye Olde 'Coconut and Raspberry Tarts' ;) 'Pie day Friday.

It is lovely to see new followers on this Happy Pie Day Friday.  Hello (Waves), Happy Pie Day Friday.
Here is a bit of a twist on Ye olde 'Bakewell Tart'.  I made these Coconut and Raspberry tarts.  Bakewell Tart traditionally has ground almonds in the mixture, I didn't have any almonds but I did have desiccated coconut, in true 'Inthesky' style I made a substitution and even if I do say so myself they were quite agreeable on ones palette.  These were a thrifty nifty little bake as they use the homemade Raspberry jam that I made in the Summer.  I didn't fuss too much with the quantities, they are basically a Jam tart with a Coconut Sponge topping.  I can make these by guess work and live with the imperfections.

Pie Day Friday has been scuppered with lack of enthusiasm of the family front.  Henry is in his fourth week of being a vegetarian.  The other half has given up red meat.  I am using meat from the freezer but have not bought any and Euan is trying very hard to remain an omnivore.  We have been eating a lot less meat as a family.  Nut Roasts on Sunday, Vegetable curries, Vegetable stew, Vegetable soup, Vegetarian Lasagne, Vegtable 'Shepherds' Pie, Falafel,, Bean Burgers and other concoctions.  I wonder how long we will keep it up?

The Hairy Bikers like meat in their Pies!


  1. I love raspberry and I love cocoanut. The tarts look really yummy.

  2. Mmmm those look delicious!! Can I have one please? :)

  3. That's it note to self stop reading Lucy's posts at work, they only make you hungry!!!!
    Have ao looksee at this book
    I think it may just be your kind of thing.

  4. Lovely post Lucy-- Coconut and raspberry are two of my favourite flavours and those pies look yummy! Thank you also for your kind comments about my new date which has resulted in an instant love affair xx

  5. Mmmmm those coconut and rasberry tarts look scrummy. I bet hey don't hang around very long!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  6. I also love the flavors of raspberry and coconut, but I've never had them together that I know of. They look divine. We're trying to do a healthy thing too.. and I'm just not enjoying it at all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Well I started pie Saturday in hommage to you, got the book for Christmas and will have sausage plait (husbands choice)tonight. Thanks for the link you left on my blog, what a lovely site.Will definately join in.

  8. Ooooo they look lovely! I love jam tarts or anything with jam for that matter :-)

    Lori xx


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