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Sunday, 8 January 2012

I thought they Love me. Chickens escaped!

My Girls must be entering the 'Teenage Unruly Phase'.  I thought they loved me.  I also thought my garden was chicken proof!  It seems a neighbourhood cat has been in cahoots and shown them a gap in the fence!  I bet that cat is plotting something, trying to lead them astray like that.  It was a tiny gap in the fence and I did not witness the act!  So maybe it went something like this?
They were in the neighbours garden being 'helpful'.  They were digging up his parsnips!  I had to go round and apologise.  Then try to catch them.  In my own garden they run towards me, overjoyed to see me but in the neighbours garden, oh no!  They pretended they didn't know me!  I nearly had to resort to this:
A phone call to the 'Chicken Police'!  Euan found the hole escapade most distressing, I found it moderately anxiety inducing and Henry thought the whole thing was pretty funny!  It cost me six eggs worth of apology and now I am watching those chickens like a Hawk!


  1. ha ha ha ha!!! ROFL!
    I can imagine your girls in an electric scooter flying over the fence.
    Glad you found them soon.

  2. Ha the chickens are revolting, finally something we agree on!!(quote not my feelings)Please dont get an acme pie machine.Love it.

  3. I've had nightmares in the past about the chickens escaping, or discovering that if they flap their wings with a big enough gust of wind behind them they could clear a fence!

    The only escapes we've had though are out of the hen enclosure. Glad you got your ladies back ok.

  4. Goodness! I'm so glad you got them back, but very sorry you had to deal with the mess in the first place! Hopefully the fence is mended and the girls are back under house arrest.

    PS- Great movie :)

  5. your girls are so entertaining! they'll be wanting their own blog next ;o) please thank them for brightening my day xxx

  6. Gosh Lucy, I'm just glad the neighbor didn't have a big coyote-type dog in their yard! You better check every inch of your fence and make sure you don't lose them permanently like I did.

    You do tell a funny story, my friend.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. LOL! I have tears running down my face, cos' that happened to me too, about a month ago....they escaped and ran riot through the village and ended up in the Doctor's surgery!

  8. Those girls like to keep you on your toes don't they? We had a hamster who used to escape so we nick named him Ives after the Scottish carachter in The Great Escape.
    Love the Policeman chasing the chicken, could you imagine the report he submitted for that days work?!

  9. Lol I can just see you chasing the girls around the neighbours garden and them not wanting to be caught! I'm pleased they didn't go to far and you got them back safe (without having to call the Chicken Police)x


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