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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ribbon Weaving

Yesterday was the AGM at the Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Guild.  I took my trusty 'Ashford Kiwi' Spinning wheel and actually managed to get some spinning done.  It was nice to sit and natter and spin.  I sat with three other spinners.  It is good to look at what others are spinning and chat about wheels, technique and yarn.  I learned a little more about the ratios on my wheel that can be varied for different yarns.  My level of spinning has not progressed much from simply being delighted I can spin a yarn.  My Mom did not take her wheel and chose to take part in the 'Ribbon Weaving Workshop'.  It looked challenging.  The lady that lead the workshop is a very talented seamstress and she bought lots of  little bags you could choose from, that could then be embellished with the braids of woven ribbon.  I bought a little bag and some ribbon to play with at home.

Here is an Excellent Youtube Tutorial

I watched the above video tutorial and then had a little play with some ribbons.

I think the results are pretty, this is another craft that I can see being highly addictive as it is therapeutic once you get in to the rhythm of it and quite instantly gratifying.

I made enough of this braid to go around the whole bag, I just need to stitch it on.  It is very flexible and goes around curves and corners really well.  I also like how you could use either side of the braid, each side looks slightly different.

I wonder how long it will take me to actually get around to sewing the braid around the bag?  I will definitely be showing you as soon as it is finished.  I will also photograph the bag in daylight as that is not the true colour at all.  It is a pinky, lilacy, silvery sort of colour if you catch my drift.  I do like the grey though that has turned out in the photograph.

I am going around the house now looking at the lampshades and thinking 'Oooo they would look pretty with a ribbon braid'.  Looking at curtains 'Oooo they would look pretty with a ribbon braid'.  Cushions 'Oooo they would look pretty with a ribbon braid'.  If my boys were girls 'Oooo they would look pretty with a ribbon braid'!


  1. Those ribbons are gorgeous! Very clever indeed. I bet the chickens would look lovely with braided ribbons around them ;)
    There are so many uses for those. It's always great to learn a new skill.

  2. It looks really pretty, very effective and, yes, great for cushion edging.
    Carol xx

  3. I bought my little girl a very pretty handmade hairband with similar braid, I think I'm going to have a go at my own, it really is very pretty.

  4. I think those are very pretty! I had never considered actually doing things with them before. I have been making those since I was little whenever I was bored. My dress and shirt strings were frequently my "ribbons." I'd love to see something that's actually been embellished with these!

  5. Those ribbons are beautiful. Look forward to seeing the bag when you have embellished it. x

  6. Ooh that's an interstig technique...will have to give it a go :)

  7. Beautiful!! I've seen them before but didn't know how they were done, thanks! But I think you're way more crafty then me. hehe it would be something I add to my pin board and then never do.


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